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YouTube FanFest Headliners Landed Gold Creator Awards

Beauty guru Michelle Dy, comedian Lincoln Velasquez of CongTV, vlogger Wil Dasovich, and Lloyd Cadena became the latest Filipino YouTube creators to be awarded the Gold Creator Award—a recognition reserved for creators that reached a million subscribers on their channels.

The four YouTube sensations successfully grew their fanbase and convinced their audiences to hit that subscribe button with their exciting YouTube content. These creators join an existing list of 15 local creators who have reached the milestone and received their own Gold Creator Award.

Known for her fun and quirky beauty tutorials, Michelle Dy has made a name for herself among the community of makeup enthusiasts. Michelle teaches her viewers how to cop that look from that popular celebrity or fashion icon and how to have fun trying out hair and makeup styles.

Wil Dasovich, a vlogger born and raised in San Francisco, California, started his creator journey when he launched his mini-series The Art of Tagalog. This won him the hearts and views of an audience who, like him, was curious about his Filipino root. Later, Wil would steadily grow his YouTube channel–closing in on 1.3M subscribers–as he shares a mix of travel, daily life, and comedy content to keep his audience leaning in.

Comedy seems to suit Filipino creators as CongTV and Lloyd Cadena also join the Gold Creator Award list in the Philippines. CongTV is best known for his entertaining parodies and reaction videos while Cadena saw his rise as a digital influencer with his witty and engaging viral content that continue to tickle the interests of the Filipino audience.

Creator Award is YouTube’s way of recognizing the amount of effort and dedication creators put into their channels. YouTube creators who hit 100,000 subscribers on their channels are awarded the Silver Creator Award; meanwhile, creators who reach 1,000,000 subscribers are given the Gold Creator Award. Past awardees in the country include Daniel MarshFliptop Battles, Haley DasovichJanina VelaKaycee & RachelKids ToysPamela SwingPurple HeiressRanz Kyle, Real Asian BeautySay TiocoThat’s Bella, and Zendee Tenerefe.

“We are honored to give this award to four talented creators who inspire and entertain many people as they continue to share their amazing talent through YouTube. Again, congratulations to Michelle Dy, Wil Dasovich, CongTV, and Lloyd Cadena,” shared Google Philippines Country Marketing Manager Gabby Roxas.

The awardees were chosen based on the channel’s number of subscribers. For more information about YouTube Creator Awards, visit the YouTube Creator Hub.

Many creators have gone to share their wit and talent from their channels to different stages. This year’s YouTube FanFest, co-presented by Globe Telecom and Vivo, in association with McDonald’s and Del Monte Juice & Chews, welcomed Michelle Dy and Wil Dasovich along with 12 other local and international creators to meet and entertain audiences at the World Trade Center. The event, estimated to have gathered 8000 attendees, wowed Filipino audiences with its slate of performances and side activities. Follow some of today’s must-see internet sensations by following the hashtag #YTFFPH and viewing the channels of the most recent Gold Creator Award recipients.

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