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World Experts to Mount Urban ‘Revolution’ in PH

Construction and real estate experts from all over the world are coming to Manila to virtually mount an “urban revolution” geared at addressing the challenges of climate change, global warming, rising sea levels, earthquakes, natural calamities, environmental pollution, and the socioeconomic pressures from spiralling energy costs, among many others, all impacting the quality of city life.

Many of the experts are among the 2,300 members of the Paris-based international real estate federation spanning some 70 countries across the globe.

This was revealed by chairman Dr. Reghis M. Romero II and president Arch. Nestor Mangio of the Philippines’ chapter of the Federacion Internationale des Adminstrateurs de Biens Conceils et Immobiliers (FIABCI), whose historic 71st World Congress will be staged at the Marriott Convention Center on May 26-30, 2020.

“An ‘urban revolution’ has started to take shape, globally redefining real estate in the context of today’s challenges while highlighting it as a sunrise industry with progressive demand-driven and consumer-focused property developments,” said Dr. Romero, also the chairman of the 2020 FIABCI World Real Estate Congress.

“And as the theme of the Congress, ‘Urban Revolution’ will be aptly mounted in the Philippines to gather momentum in this part of the world where it is needed most,” added Architect Mangio in referring to the country’s vulnerability to all such challenges.

Being an archipelagic country and situated at the “ring of fire” in the Pacific rim, the Philippines and many of its cities are prone to earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, typhoons, climatic swings, rising sea levels, logistical snags, and other nature-related socioeconomic hurdles.

“Add to that the ever-increasing volume of vehicular traffic, air pollution, household and industrial wastes, urban sprawl and migration, costs of fuel and electricity, and all the support infrastructure necessities, and you end up with a perfect recipe for a social catastrophe,” Mangio stressed.

“Nonetheless, the industry has been coming up with various urban planning and technological solutions that can create ‘ergonomic’ cities, optimize land resource development and utilization, enhance the integrity, flexibility and energy efficiencies of physical structures, and thus improve the lives of residents,” Dr. Romero said of walkable and bikable modern CBD development, use of aerated concrete and insulated concrete formworks (ICFs), passive, earthship, and net zero housing technologies, and vertical urban farming for intra-city food supply, among many others.

These and many other new technologies and demand-driven business opportunities are expected to be discussed and presented by the speakers, according to FIABCI-Philippines chairman emeritus Florentino Dulalia Jr., the incoming president of FIABCI International and the first Filipino to assume such position at the staging of the Congress.

2020 National Realtors Association President Vince Malta
2019 World FIABCI President Walid Moussa
Sustainable Design Development Architect Daniel Watch
Topshop London Global Design Director Anthony Cuthbertson

Among the Congress speakers are US-based National Association of Realtors president Vince Malta, outgoing FIABCI World president Walid Moussa, global design director Anthony Cuthbertson of Topshop London, a representative from Foster and Partner UK, president Kevin Tan of Megaworld, and sustainable design development advocate Daniel Watch who has masteral degrees in architecture and city planning from the University of Pennsylvania.

The Congress topics include the future and leadership in real estate, township and urban development, digital technology’s huge role in transforming cities, and insights on new and emerging industry prospects, and their investment and business opportunities, among others.

Other congress activities include leadership training sessions, exhibits, general assembly, board and professional meetings, and such ticketed events as the Prix D’ Excellence, Medal Holder’s Dinner, International Young Members’ Party, Study/Social Tours, and the Gala/Farewell Dinner, each generating business networking opportunities on a global scale for local participants.

Supported by UN-Habitat, Grant Thornton, Reed Midem, and World Urban Campaign as sponsors, the 71st World Congress is being organized by FIABCI-Philippines (; tel: +632 3456-4511, +632 8928-6517) to help put the global industry on the best track for urban development while generating momentum along its course.

Congress registration link is at

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