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Win Big at Good Luck Hot Pot’s 1st Chinese Culture Photography Contest

Good Luck Hot Pot, the first high-end hotpot, opens 24/7, and business banquet in Manila, has launched the first-ever photography competition in the country to highlight the rich and unique Chinese culture.

With a theme “Chinese culture in the Philippines,” the competition glimpses into Chinese traditions, cuisine, and culture as it invites both professional and amatuer photographers to capture special moments inside its Pasay City facility.

Photographers are welcome to take as many photos and videos as they like and upload them on Facebook. To make your entries valid, make sure to follow these instructions:

To join:

  1. Visit Good Luck Hot Pot Restaurant at SHOP 1-6 NEXGEN TOWER, EDSA EXT., BRGY76, Pasay City.
  2. You can choose if you want to dine or you just simply want to take photos for this contest. Just tell the staff that you are a contest participant.
  3. For posting, you are free to post unlimited PHOTOS or VIDEOS. It can be 1 or more, depends on you. Make sure you LIKE #goodluckhotpot FB Page.
  4. MENTION/TAG Good Luck Hot Pot Official FB Page in your post.
  5. You should also CHECK IN to Good Luck Hotpot in your post.
  6. Use official hashtag #goodluckhotpot.
  7. Make sure your post is PUBLIC.
  8. Let your friends like your post.

Contest ends on December 20, 12:00 Midnight.

Announcement of winners will be on December 23, 2019.

P25,000 WORTH OF VOUCHER will be automatically given TO ALL THE PARTICIPANTS.

TOP 3 posts with the MOST NUMBER OF REACTIONS will also be chosen as WINNERS and will win the following prizes:

  1. P30,000 VIP CARD with no expiration
  2. P15,000 VIP CARD with no expiration
  3. P7,000 VIP CARD with no expiration

*Simply show your posts in the reception area to claim your rewards. *Membership card can be use directly as payment and not limited for one-time use only. *Condition applies for the voucher.

1.前往拍照地点-红运火锅餐厅,地址:GF NexGen Tower EDSA Extension, C-4 Road, Pasay City
3.可自由发布照片和视频,没有形式和数量限制的要求,请确保您点赞了我们的官方 FB 页面。
4.请记得在帖子中提及/标记红运火锅官方 FB 页面。

比赛时间:2019 年 12 月 1 日至 12 月 20 日23:59
颁奖时间:2019 年 12月23 日
人气最高的前 3 个帖子还将被选为获胜者,赢取以下大奖:
第三名: P7,000 无期限的VIP卡
*只需在接待区显示您的帖子即可领取代金券。 *VIP卡可直接用作付款方式,且不仅限于一次性使用。 *代金券使用附条件。

Founded by the Philippine Cheongsam Culture Association and China North Tide Catering Culture Management Co., Ltd. with its traditional Chinese culture style, Good Luck Hot Pot was grandly opened last March 9, 2019.

Good Luck Hot Pot is currently the largest Chinese-style hot pot banquet in the Philippines.

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