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How Finance Apps Can Potentially Save Us from Coronavirus

I’ve just shared in my previous blog post how we can avoid getting infected from contacting the novel coronavirus based on the one-on-one interview with Dr. Ian Lipkin aired on Amanpour & Co. Dr. Lipkin is known as a virus-hunter and infectious disease expert.

Dr. Lipkin shared timely information about this disease we now call the CoVid-19 and he also talked about preventive measures like social distancing, avoiding handshakes, just a few, to avoid getting the infection.

Our Health Department also advises us to avoid going out and joining the crowd and stay away from malls, conferences, concerts, etc., if it’s not necessary, for our own health sake.

Transferring of money is also being looked at as one of possible carriers of the coronavirus disease. South Korea has taken out all banknotes out of circulation and burning them to reduce the spread of the virus. In China, some banknotes are either getting cleaned with ultraviolet light and in some cases, are destroyed to get rid of the infection.

This scenario could potentially hit hard the buying and selling transactions in many parts of the world infected with the virus. But there is a solution.

Fintech apps like the use of GCash through mobile and cashless payments can help in managing financial transactions amidst the ongoing coronavirus’ infection threats.

Wireless payments, and even bank deposits can easily accomplished through the finance apps without even going outside your home. I use GCash to pay my current bills and it does not only help in saving my time but it’s also a preventive option now to avoid COVID-19.

The potential risks are high but if we use technology in a way that we can prevent the disease from infecting us, I guess it will slowly curb the coronavirus away or could hit us with only a little damage to our daily routine.

Mobile and contactless payments are already available in our smartphones (and smartwatches) that allow us to pay in stores and online channels without the need of the exchange of cash.

Though the World Health Organization recommends washing our hands everytime we handle paper cash, and before eating food, we are still not 100% safe that the virus can hit us even after we cleaned our hands.

GCash mobile can also be used to do bank transfers from your bank account, for free.

I can even save money through the Save Money feature that earns 4.1% interest rate.

I don’t need to go to convenience or sari-sari stores to buy my prepaid mobile number load because I can do that instantly with my GCash app.

Actually, there are a lot you can do with a fintech app it will surely help in avoiding exchange of cash from one hand to another that could possibly led to COVID-19 infection.

Prevention is still better than cure, especially these days when scientists have to discover yet the vaccine for COVID-19. Afterall, we are already shifting into a cashless society, it matters a lot if we support this finance technology.

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