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Who is Francis Leo Marcos (The Rich Businessman Who Started the #MayamanChallenge)?

The guy who goes by the name of Francis Leo Marcos is the current ‘pulutan’of the internet because of his #MayamanChallenge posts that has gone viral.

At dahil nag-viral, halo-halo ang naging reactions ng mga netizens dito. Marami ang humanga at umaprob sa ginagawa nitong si Francis Leo Marcos pero marami din ang nagba-bash sa kaniya ngayon.

Bakit daw kailangan pa niyang i-public or i-video ang kaniyang giangawang pagtulong sa mga lugar na kulang sa ayuda ng LGU at national government ngayong panahon ng COVID-19 outbreak if ito ay galing sa puso at hindi for the sake of publicity and famewhore lang.

Recently – amid the Enhanced Community Quarantine, COVID-19 cases, Koko Pimentel’s violation of quarantine guidelines, the president’s regular Monday televised message, Vico Sotto accomplishments, and bored netizens downloading and installing TikTok, there’s one personality who hit the top news and is now trending all over social media. Oh yeah, there’s this Sam Morales catfishing scandal thingy pa pala!

There are those who even question if he’s truly rich, where he got his wealth, and why is he doing this sort of public service?

Before we go on deeper with those details, let’s ask first, who is Francis Leo Marcos?

Frankly speaking, there are vague to little information about this man on the internet. What I gathered as of this moment, Francis Leo Marcos is the CEO of Marcos Group of Companies (which is still questionable) and he is the Chairman of Volunteers Against Poverty Foundation, Inc. (VAPFI). The latter has quite a number of information from the past that can back up its legitimacy. Like for example in 2013, Francis Leo Marcos appeared on Philippine Star broadsheet with a photo of him distributing relief goods to residents in Pasay City during the typhoon Habagat.

There is also information that this billionaire (his networth is P1.3B), is also related to the Marcoses. Apparently, he is a nephew of the late president Ferdinand E. Marcos. Francis’ father, Pacifico Marcos, is the younger brother of the former president.

That one is interesting. Pero next time na lang natin yan pag-usapan.

Ang pag-usapan natin ay kung bakit biglang sumulpot itong si Francis Leo Marcos.

In one.of his YouTube video post (pwede na nating sabihin na video blog), he explained why he started the #MayamanChallenge. The main purpose is for him to challenge and encourage people who are rich like him to help our fellowmen trying to get by with their daily lives through relief and medical opeeations.

Eto rin ay challenge niya at para ipakita aa mga politiko (na hindi makita kapag dumadating ang mga ganitong panahon) to step up and do their job as elected officials.

Interestingly, there are businessmen like Francis Leo Marcos who accepted the #MayamanChallenge.

In this video, Romano Marcela showed a sum of money worth P3M to be used to buy groceries which will be distributed to the less-fortunate families.

Recently, Francis Leo Marcos uploaded a video showing the 500 sacks of rice to be distributed in Payatas, Caloocan City, and to be allocated for students of the University of the Philippines who got trapped because of the lockdown.

if you want to know more about this guy, you can check his Facebook Francis Leo Marcos. There are also several Francis Leo Marcos Facebook Pages but di lang ako sure alin dun ang real page niya. There are reports kase na nata-take down yung mga pages na ginawa ni Franis Leo Marcos because of some reasons, even he is not sure of.

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