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Whether It's For Fun, Study, Or Work, The Lib Is The Newest Innovative Space For Students And Professionals

We’ve stumbled upon this very cool place one evening when our group was looking out for a place to have dinner and to chill out at the same time. After scouring Katipunan for a few minutes, driving along Katipunan area – it’s fun to drive around when you’re with a group of friends who share the same appetite for food and fun (the Toyota Avanza  is a perfect roadtrip ride  where 7 people can fit in to this very spacious MPV), we finally reach The Lib along Esteban Abad Street at the back of Katipunan Avenue and a few minute distance from the corner of Aurora Boulevard in Quezon City. The Lib is a hole in a wall that not many people knew about.

When we finally sat on the dining table, and as the food arrived, we can’t help but kept on taking photos of it and savor the aroma of each food on the plates that were  served to us. We knew that they do not only look good in photos, they taste delicious as well IRL!

What is And Where Is The Lib?


Co-working spaces, cafes, and events/ meeting places are booming these days in the metro. Filipinos either students or professionals are always on the lookout for places and establishments where they can study, work, eat, hang out, and relax all at the same time without hassle from the busy and fast-paced world. To meet this kind of demand, The Cravings Group developed a space that highlights coziness and provides a homey vibe for students and professionals.

A Refreshing Space to WORK, LEARN, and MEET

What used to be The Center for Culinary Arts (CCA, Manila) library, The Lib is now a community hub located along Esteban Abada Street (at the back of Katipunan Avenue) that provides a space for members of the community to be productive, creative, and to collaborate with other communities as well.


The concept of ‘The Lib’ was derived from what an actual library looked and felt like. Its ambiance is designed to bring everyone to a ‘throwback mood’ as to how they spent most of their college days in a library. It’s a library with three main facilities that are more than ready to serve the community:


1) Café & Social Lounge

Expect a relaxing and appetizing vibe at The Lib’s Café. From finger foods and sandwiches to smoothie bowls and rice bowls, the The Lib’s Cafe menu serves fresh and comforting dishes to satisfy every taste buds. 


Choose your favorite finger foods from their Nibbles menu: Chips, Palabok-flavored popcorns, Jamon potato bombs, or sweet potato fries. Surely, you’ll get to nibble those unique tasty finds.

Palabok-flavored popcorn chicken will take you to another level of the comfort food taste.
Palabok-flavored popcorn chicken will take you to another level of the comfort food taste.

For healthy buffs out there, you may get the chance to taste their Crispy Chicken Caesar Salad and Smoked Salmon Salad. Indulge your appetites to the cafe’s Smoothie Bowls, which consist of a wide variety of healthy ingredients poured in to one bowl. Create your own meal by choosing your favorite kind of rice, toppings, sauce, and eggs through their rice bowl menu.

Fried Chicken Ramen
Fried Chicken Ramen

The Lib Cafe also offers best-selling pasta and ramen, Waffles and Sandwiches, luscious desserts, and their best hot and cold beverages, that will keep your cravings satisfied as you find comfort in the space.


Look around the place and let the relaxing vibe embrace you with its homey and library-looking interior.

2) Co-Working Space

Aside from the lounging facility, The Lib also provides a space for professionals who are in need of a peaceful and work-friendly place to help them focus in doing their daily tasks.


Equipped with high-speed WiFi, the co-working space offers both individual and communal seating.

A Space specialized for Collaborative Learning

The Lib is open to events that allow creative involvement and skills sharing among members of the community. Hobby classes such as DIY seminars, cooking, arts & crafts, and wellness can also be conducted in this space. Participate in dialogues, seminars, and talks in different fields as The Lib also opens its doors for experts in these fields.


The Lib is located at 40 Esteban Abada Street, Loyola Heights, Quezon City. For more information or reservations, visit their official Facebook page: and follow them on their official Instagram: @thelib.mnl.

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