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What to Expect in Money Heist Part 5

Before you go on, I’m warning you that there are spoilers ahead that I will mention in this article.

If you haven’t seen Money Heist Part 4, I suggest you read my other articles, instead of this one. But if you’ve finished Part 1, 2, 3, and 4 already, then by all means, read on!


What I’m going to share are things that we would or should likely to expect in Season 5.


We were left with a cliffhanger at the end of the last episode of La Casa de Papel Season 4. I’m sure, just like me, you are wondering what’s going to happen next to the Professor? What will Sierra do to him?

Then we heard a very familiar voice during the credits singing the show’s anthem, “Bella Ciao.”

Let’s start with Sierra.

Alicia Sierra

When Sierra was introduced, me and my friends were quite intrigued and we couldn’t stop thinking that maybe – maybe, Sierra is Tatiana.



There’s little much info about Tatiana and aside that she’s married to Berlin and probably, knew the upconing heists, other than that, the show kept her mysterious.

Pero how come she always pops up in flashback scenes?


Sierra is a tough law enforcer and a strong enemy of Professor’s team, so how could she be Tatiana – if they’re indeed one and the same?

Well, even though they look very different and played by different actresses, there’s this mystery that surrounds the character of Sierra.


But during Season 5, when she was about to be dropped from the Bank of Spain heist investigation, it was later revealed that her husband, German died – just recently from cancer. She mentioned that she doesn’t want to talk about much of her husband’s death.

And then, there was this voice of a woman singing Bella Ciao at the credit of the season ending. And the voice sounds very much like Sierra.



Let’s go back to the gang. The character who helped masterminded the heists was Sergio’s half-brother, Berlin (we all know that Berlin is just a made-up name just like everyone from the gang, except for the Professor). Berlin was named after the capital of Germany. Okay. We got it.

Sierra’s husband’s name was German. That’s a little too coincidental or the people behind Money Heist are just playing with our minds?

We will find that out as soon Part 5 arrives in Netflix in 9 months or so.



We saw Nairobi getting shot in the head and she’s not coming back alive in the show (unless they do a zombie plot twist). But that did not stop us from wondering if there are any possibilities that she will return in Season 5?

Money Heist has a tradition of bringing back the dead through series of flashbacks. If we’re lucky, we’ll still might get a chance to see Nairobi back again in Season 5.


But here’s the thing. Netflix released Money Heist: The Phenomenon, a documentary and behind-the-scenes footage exclusively showing what was happening during and after they shoot each episodes. The documentary also treated the audience with never before scenes and information on how Money Heist bounced back from failing flopped to reaching international hit success after Netflix bought them and included in the streaming platform.


In an interview, after her last scene was wrapped, she mentioned that she’s just happy that her days with Money Heist has finally ended and she needed to rest.


She also said that she’s looking forward to work with her co-actors soon. A little bit confusing but if we’ll take her words that she needs to rest after being part of Money Heist, then our hope of seeing her returning won’t ever happen.

We’ll just wait and see.

Money Heist Part 5

This is what I am expecting to happen in Season 5.


If Sierra and Tatiana were proven to be just one person, then it’s just a matter of time, and convincing from the Professor, for her to join the resistance and put on that Dali mask and wear the red jumpsuit.


Without the fearless Nairobi, the team is crippled, But if the new memsber, Manila, shows fierce and loyalty, then she could be an asset and would play an important role to the team’s mission.


This one’s a little bit dark...

Deaths in the Family


Remember the scene where Denver and Moscow persuaded Sergio to let Juanito, Denver’s cousin, join the heist? It was a scene shot in a garden. If you’re keen, you’ll realized that all the characters involved in that particular scene were already dead.

Except for Denver and the Professor.


If that was a premonition, then Season 5 might not be all too good for our Money Heist team.




Denver and the Professor could end up dying and that could be the end of the series. How will that happen, I don’t know.



Do take note that there are scenes and episodes with Tokyo narrating stories of what had happened during their past daring heists.


It’s possible that Tokyo will be the only team member who will survive and the only one alive during the finale. Grim scenario.


That’s it. I hope you had fun reading. These are just what’s inside my head right now. These scenarios could or may not happen. Let’s not forget that, according to the documentary, writing the scripts for Money Heist were mostly written in parallel with its production as they shoot the scenes. So, anything can still happen.


Bella ciao!

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