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“We Will Hunt You Down!” DTI Warns Hoarders and Profiteers Amid Coronavirus Scare

In a very much like Bryan Mills and John Wick style and fashion, DTI Secretary Ramon M. Lopez warns hoarders and profiteers creating artificial goods shortage to stop or else the authorities will come hunting them down.

“We will ask for the assistance of DILG, PNP, and NBI in curbing this panic buying practice which results to artificial shortage in supermarkets,” said Sec. Lopez during the press conference held this Friday morning on the guidelines of the recent community quarantine as announced by President Duterte last Thursday night.

“The public is reminded not to resort in panic buying. There is enough supply of alcohol in the Philippines. We already set up a directive in supermarkets that only two bottles of alcohol per shopper will be allowed as you check out,” said the DTI secretary.

Shopping malls and supermarkets are closely being monitored after cases of panic buying were reported since the number of novel coronavirus infected persons spiked almost by the hour.

There are already 3 cases of coronavirus-related deaths reported in the Philippines and a total of 52 confirmed cases in the country tested positive with the novel coronavirus disease.

“We recommend social distancing when you go out in public and we also suggest for batch by batch entry of people going inside the malls,” Lopez added.

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