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Waste Management Workers Brave COVID-19 Threat

Among the unsung heroes in the battle against COVID-19 threat, garbage collectors and waste disposal workers brave the crisis and continue to provide services to ensure that this Freeport is kept clean and in order.

“We know it is essential and as we’ve always said, it is our priority. This is also our primary commitment to Clark and we will always live up to our commitment,” Metro Clark Waste Management Corporation (MCWMC) Vice President for Administration Victor Hontiveros said .

KEEPING THE ENVIRONMENT CLEAN. To ensure that the environment is kept clean amidst the COVID-19 threat, workers from Metro Clark Waste Management Corporation (MCWMC) continuously provide services to various communities including areas inside Clark Freeport Zone. (Contributed photo)

Amidst the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ), MCWMC personnel keep the garbage collection services running in more than 100 key locations in Central Luzon including areas inside this Freeport and its adjacent communities.

Hontiveros also described how their personnel are showing dedication to their work despite the risks from the virus.

“The same is true for our employees as well, kaya bilib din ako sa kanila dahil it is in their heart. They want to get these communities clean dahil galing rin sila sa mga communities na ito,” Hontiveros said.

Much like other frontliners, Hontiveros added that MCWMC work force are equipped with personal protective gears and that standard procedures are being followed while they continue to work to keep the environment clean.

“Yung mga workers din naman namin are protected and they also have PPEs. Pinaka main priority din namin na lagi silang merong masks at gloves na suot,” Hontiveros mentioned.

Recognizing that sanitation and proper management of household waste are fundamentals in protecting the public health during these times, Hontiveros, speaking in behalf of their work force, also thanked the public for their cooperation.

He also urged them to properly segregate and secure their garbage as another way to help ensure the safety of frontline workers who might come in contact with potentially harmful materials.

“We ask them (the public) to separate the PPEs or yung mga masks at gloves from their residual wastes. We encourage them to have it on a separate bag, kung maaari din basain nila ng chlorox or disinfectant and seal them properly para narin sa protection ng lahat,” he said.

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