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Wait! What? Starbucks Hypes Us This Early!

(by Enzo Luna)

If you’re a Starbucks Planner and Organizer collector, then you should know probably by now, that ’tis the season to be merrier na naman!

Alam na this!

Every year… Say it again. Every year alam na alam na natin may bago na naman ilalabas na Starbucks Planner and Organizer si Starbucks Philippines for 2020. Umpisahan na naman na mag collect ng stickers, oh!

Yes it’s true and this early, Starbucks Philippines Facebook page has released a teaser of the upcoming collection! Watch it here.

So ready na ba kayo? Mukhang colorful amd mas magaganda ang design this year, ah! Usapang kape na naman ito, ha ha ha ha!

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