A set of photos of a refurbished Victory Liner bus is fast-becoming viral as it appeared upgraded and configured public transport for the new normal standard in the observance of the social distancing protocol to protect commuters from the COVID-19 transmission.

Photos of arranged seats, three per row, were shared om the social media and believed to be for the compliance of quarantine protocols.

Hats off to that. That big step initiated by Victory Liner, Inc. shows how they really care for their passengers.

But before we all get to celebrate this wonderful endeavor, I did a few diggings and found out that these photos were published back in February 2019 as the 60-Series Nissan Diesel Exfoh was commissioned and intended for training use.

The Victory Liner HR Training Bus can seat up to 20 applicants and 2 instructors and is used by the bus company’s HRD in administering lectures and examinations to aspiring bus drivers and conductors during the monthly hiring caravan of Victory Liner in Northern Luzon.

See link below.


I am not saying that this bus improvement is fake but the recent sharing of these photos are kinda misleading. Again, the refurbished design is for the training of bus drivers and conductors in Northern Luzon.

But for all what is worth, Victory Liner, Inc. can actually incorporate these designs in compliance with the new normal and quarantine protocols.

They can tweak it more better so that the social distancing parameters can be followed accordingly.

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