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Transform Your Way of Doing Business with the Right Productvity Tool

The quarantine situation might be a big adjustment for companies that implement work from home as part of preventive measures to contain the coronavirus.

However, it should be considered that working at home does not equate to having an unproductive workforce.

While many things are currently put to a halt, businesses of any size can help employees get work done at the comfort of their home by equipping them with basic tools.

Office 365, for example, is a collaborave cloud-based pla(orm that brings together the best-in-class Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, OneNote, to name a few.

This tool helps companies collaborate securely across many devices within the organizaon.

To learn how Office 365 can efficiently transform businesses especially with a work from home arrangement, one of the country’s premier telecommunications companies, Eastern Communications, shares advantages of this suite. Collaborative work anytime, anywhere.

The cloud-based feature of Office 365 lets employees work remotely wherever and whenever work takes them.

With this, collaboration with a team has become more efficient and reliable as features of the Office suite, e-mails, and files can be readily accessed by users.

This is extremely beneficial for companies who work with teams in remote locations. Office 365 also allows your teams to collaborate in real time. For instance, teams working together on a same document can view and edit the file at the same time. Tracking the progress and updates is made easier, not to mention that all of the changes will be automatically saved in the cloud, thus unintentional deletion of files is no longer a concern.

Cost-efficient and flexible plans Software tools such as Microsoft Office require purchase to update to their latest versions.

A subscription for Office 365, on the other hand, already includes automatic updates of the latest version, new features, and capabilities in the cloud with no extra fees, which saves money for businesses.

Enterprises have di4erent needs which is why Office 365 allows users to choose from the features and programs that it offers, depending on what is relevant for the company.

In addition, switching to di4erent plans are easy and straight forward so availing or unsubscribing to programs can be done with ease.

Built-in security Office 365 also provides security to all the 0les and data uploaded on the cloud, so businesses can focus on the important things. With Microsoft’s Data Loss Prevenon Policy, even e-mails and messages may be encrypted to ensure no threat or loss of data in your organization.

Another security feature of the suite is Mobile Device Management where companies can control Office 365 on employees’ phone such as wiping the data on a lost device.

Producvity tools such as Office 365 enables businesses to become more adaptable and efficient with the ever-progressing digital landscape. It is a proven essential for modern enterprises especially in times like this where safety is paramount.

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