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Toyota Motor Philippines implements routine health check inspection

Don’t be surprise if you will be asked to fall in line before you enter the lobby of a Toyota Motor Philippines dealership.

As a precautionary measure, walk-ins and those that have prior appointment at TMP will be ask to be submitted to a routine health check inspection at the entrance of the dealership branch.

A TMP partner will get valuable information about the person visiting the branch

Some questions will include personal information like full name, address, and age.

TMP partners will also ask if you have been previously or have travel history within the national quarantine period.

Dealers will exercise temperature checking of customers and employees and perform regular disinfection of the entire facility, with higher frequency for common areas.

After the inspection and assessment, tbe customer will be allowed to enter the facility. A foot bath disinfection will also be required before entering the main door.

Customers will have to use separate doors for entrance and exit purposes.

To ensure strict observance of social distancing, dealers changed the layout of showrooms and service reception areas, and will control the number of persons inside the facility at any given time. Customers are highly encouraged to set appointments before visiting the dealer to avoid inconvenience.

Once inside, customers can now proceed to their specific appointments or job orders.

Dealers will only be accommodating confirmed service appointments which can be easily booked through the recently launched digital tool MyToyota PH (

*Photos taken at Toyota Motor Philippines Marilao.

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