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Toktok, a new business opportunity arising amid the pandemic

Toktok, a new business opportunity arising amid the pandemic

The coronavirus crisis, which began in China in late 2019 but emerged as a full-blown pandemic in March all over the world, has plunged us all into a global health crisis and an economic downturn. It has dramatically redefined what a normal life means. At such times, it is easy to overlook that in both Chinese and Japanese, the word “crisis” is written with two symbols signifying “danger” and “opportunity.”

The truth is that every crisis, while deeply unsettling, also contains the seeds of opportunity. When we face the kind of dramatic crisis we do today, we need to remember three things:

  1. How do we cope with this crisis now? This question is uppermost in people’s minds – as it should be – and it also tends to dominate the news.
  2. What opportunities does this crisis create?
  3. What can be done to anticipate crises in the future and prepare for them? Even if it isn’t possible to preempt a future crisis, how can we prepare to respond rapidly and effectively?

Yes, a lot has happened and the economy is slightly not the way it used to be and many businesses have shut down or temporarily closed for a while because of the high cost of maintaining their business when no one is coming by.

But the pandemic crisis created also business opportunities, and one which has been a highest trend and most sought-after is motorcycle or delivery service. Based on one of a local bank’s statistics, loans on motorcycle have risen for the past months and this is a reflection of the need of many people for their essentials without going out of their homes. Many people are now availing of food, grocery, and whatever they need to be delivered right on their doorsteps. Such need created business opportunity for a company to put up motorcycle delivery service like toktok.

toktok is a delivery app designed to connect more people by delivering items door-to-door. And that’s not all. toktok is also open for business franchise for those who want to have their own delivery service business without putting up hundreds of thousands or million pesos of capital.

Through a limited promo, toktok only requires a very small capital for you to start.

If you’re interested, email us now and we’ll show you how to start with the business.

Check out the video below to know more about the business.

Check out tokotok and download the mobile app on android and iOS and use our referral cod 1111406511 when you fill up your details.

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