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Tokimonsta In Manila

“Be unique and be your ownself” was Tokimonsta’s advise to budding artist when she appeared at the Red Bull Music Academy lecture at XX XX 20:20 Bar in Makati last Wednesday night.
“I don’t force people to like (or not) my music. Or if they love my music, I do not force them. That’s my take away for my listeners,” said internationally known DJ Jennifer Lee during the intimate lecture-session amidst the gutsy wind and rain attended by music afficionados and fans of Tokimonsta.
Lee was first invited to attend the Red Bull Music Academy in London in 2010. She was the first woman to sign to Flying Lotus‘s Brainfeeder label and released her first album, Midnight Menu, in November 2010 on Brainfeeder. She was rated the #1 Hottest Los Angeles Lady DJ by LA Weekly in December 2010.
A couple of years ago, Tokimonsta was diagnosed with an incurable disease and undergone two surgeries that made her tougher and resilient. The most chalenging part when she came back doing shows was the emotional part where she suffered social anxiety for sometime. She bounced back by personally healing emotionally.
Lee was diagnosed with Moyamoya disease in late 2015. After undergoing two surgeries, Lee stated that she had briefly lost language and comprehension skills. Once these were regained, Lee eventually began on her latest album “Lune Rouge”, despite not being able to fully understand music. She has stated that this album was the most personal piece of work of her due to the previously mentioned circumstances and hardships that she had endured prior to making to the album.
Tokimonsta is a brand made of sincerity “Staying aware on the social level, it makes it easier (for everyone) to make your brand who you really are,” Lee shared.
The Los Angeles DJ performed last night at XX XX 20:20 and Black Market for the Red Bull Music Academy lecture and after-party.

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