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Tips to Beat this Hot and Humid Weather

Staying at home is an order from our government to help flatten the curve and prevent the fast spreading of COVID-19, which is unfortunately, up to this date, haven’t found a cure yet

We get it and we really need to follow this order. But staying at home these past few days seems a bit uneasy and unbearable.

Just the other day, the heat index had gone to 42-43°C in the most part of NCR and nearby provinces. This kind of weather is the period where many people flock the malls or go to the beaches and resorts to beat the heat and feel relac afterwards. But we can’t do that now, right?

We can’t just simply go out because we are still under the Enhanced Community Quarantine or GCQ guidelines imposed by oir government.

So what do we do now?


Here are some tips for us to get by and cool down during this hot and humid weather.


Wear comfortable clothes

While you’re stuck at home, it’s reasonable to wear comfortable clothes inside the house.

For guys, anything from sando and boxer shorts will be a good choice to feel comfortable.

For the ladies, they prefer wearing no bra at all inside the house. This makes them feel comfortable too.


Drink water

There’s no excuse, especially during a hot and warm weather, not to drink water. Drinking a full glass of cold or fresh from the tap water helps in cooling down the body system. You may also try drinking energy drinks like Gatorade or Pocari, but don’t overdo it.

A reminder though, hydrate only whenever your brain is sending signal for you to have a drink. Too much fluid intake may also cause harm and may lead to water intoxication.


Take a bath

As long as you have a regular and undisrupted water service, you have the means to take a bath, some do it twice or thrice.

The point is, bathing soothes and gives a relaxing feeling. Plus it helps in maintaining a clean hygiene for our body.

Bathing in the morning and before going to sleep is a perfect routine to make us feel fresh all day and during night time.


Rub towel with ice

With this kind of unbearable heat, sometime taking a bath don’t work. In fact, you can still feel the humid air and sweats rapidly flow in your body even right after you get out of the bathroom.

What to do?

Get a towel, put some ice cubes, and wrap it around. Rub the towel in your face, neck, nape, shoulder, and other parts of the body to cool the down the body heat temperature.

Do this simultaneously until you feel fresh and comfortable.


Less action, less heat

That’s right. Frequent and unecessary movements during a hot and humid weather won’t do good for you. It will only increase the heat temperature inside your body and it may result to cramps or strokes.

The best solution is for you to stay relax. Limit your movements. You can lay down and chill on Netflix or lounge and listen to your Spotify playlist through your earphones.

Remember, too much heat poses danger especially for those who have medical history records.

The previous heat index reported by PAGASA is enough to break or kill a person.

So stay healthy. Follow these tips and keep safe always!

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