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The song behind the TikTok “I’m Just a Kid” challenge. Check out the bonus video!

Sometimes when I’m bored I open my TikTok app and see what’s the latest video that’s trending at the moment.

There are a lot of funny TikTok videos that shows in my feed and last thing I know, I was already spending a lot of hours just watching each of the videos playing on my TikTok.

One of the videos that I like watching is the “I’m Just a Kid” challenge where a song from the band Simple Plan was used as the sound background and theme for the short-video challenge.

Here’s one of the compilation of the “I’m Just a Kid” TikTok videos.


This type of TikTok video clicked because it shows throwback moments captured via photographs and recreated family bonding childhood moments through the short-video clip.

Interesting, right?

But did you know that the song “I’m just a Kid” is not all about the throwback stuff? Or family bonding?

“I’m Just a Kid” is the debut single by Canadian pop punk band Simple Plan, written by Pierre Bouvier. It appeared on their debut album No Pads, No Helmets… Just Balls. It was featured in the films Grind, The New Guy, and Cheaper by the Dozen.

The song saw a resurgence in popularity in April 2020 on the social media platform TikTok, where the song was used in a challenge that involves family members re-creating childhood photos.

The lyrics of “I’m Just a Kid” is different from the message it potrayed in the Tktok video challenges.

Released in February 19, 2002, “I’m Just a Kid” addresses issues of growing up as a child (or kid) who sees the world as a big scary place to live in. The kid in the song felt he’s all alone and he’s too afraid when he’s left all by himself thus the lyrics “I’m just a kid and life is a nightmare.”

What made these TikTok “I’m Just a Kid” video challenges amusing is it not just made the lonely song popular again but put up a beautiful message and a source of inspiration for the viewers.

And since we’re still in the quarantine and lockdown state, watching these kind of videos can release the stress and anxieties we’re experiencing now brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. Reliving our childhood moments through the TikTok “I’m Just a Kid” video challenge is one way to fight this health crisis.

Watch Simple Plan’s “I’m Jus a Kid” official video here.



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