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If You Think The 360 Selfie Is Awesome, Wait 'Til You Try GlamShot -The Newest Videobooth Obsession In The Philippines!

Since the 360 Selfie Videobooth was introduced in the country, it has been a must-have for events to put up this totally awesome selfie videobooth experience that guests truly enjoyed.
Its presence in events added more excitement and entertainment value that people love.
Photo booths became a thing of the past. All of a sudden, these trendy 360 Selfie videos graced the social media feeds and we could see our friends starring in their own 360-degree “social media TVCs”.
And then, a new concept was born out of the 360 Selfie. If we thought the photo booth and video booth standards have leveled up enough, the company introduces yet another new idea that’s never been done before in the Philippines.
Launched last June 12, GlamShot by 360 Selfie made its debut at the much talked about Mega Millennial Ball (The New PH), sampled and enjoyed by the biggest celebrities in the Philippines today.
GlamShot is a one-of-a-kind prismatic videobooth that showcases guests in glamorous, moving kaleidoscopic shots.
GlamShot is also fully customizable with each custom background instantly changing the entire look and feel of the experience. It’s a perfect activity for corporate events, product launches, marketing or brand activations, weddings, birthdays, and special occasions which allows you to maximize your investment with the social media mileage it brings.
See celebrities like Coleen Garcia, Barbie Imperial, Regine Velasquez, Bela Padilla, and more stars from the Mega Milennial Ball show us how to do GlamShot right.

360 Selfie also showcased a sexier version at the Mega Millennial Ball (The New PH) with 360 Selfie SloMo.

It’s a great look for stylish events complete with sexier lighting, haze, and ultra slow motion.
But if you prefer the classic 360 Selfie execution, we’re sharing a compilation of their samples below.

In case you’re interested, here are their contact details. 360 Selfie packages start 4 hour rentals.
IG @360SelfiePH
Mobile: 09175411516
Landline: 5060617
So, the next time you put up an event, think of GlamShot!

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