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The Next Generation Virtual Reality Park Promises A Whole New Level Of Gaming Experience

Aim! Shoot! Fire! Reload!
These are the things you should remember when you enter VS+ PH Virtual Reality Park located at the second level of S Maison at Conrad Manila.
It’s no joke. Prepare and get yourself ready to immerse to this next generation virtual reality gaming experience, a first in the Philippines.
Already bringing new level of excitement in taipei, Shanghai, Tokyo, Osaka, Kaohsiung, Seoul, Beijing, and Guangzhou, this exciting play room recently opened in the country last February 3 providing multi-player VR games paired with specialized somatosensory devices, vibrating guns, vibrating floors, and a lot of spooky characters, the zombies!
Are you man enough? Are you that brave to enter the world of DEAD PRISON I, DEAD PRISON II, DEATH ROOM, ZOMBIE JAIL: NO MERCY, and GET OUT OF MY HOUSE? Just to be safe, make sure you are in good and proper health condition if you are planning to visit VR+ PH and play the games mentioned above. Tag your friends and make a team to defeat those monsters you’re about to see and (almost) feel inside the gaming room.
VR+ PH is owned and operated by  VR kings Amusement, Inc. which is comprised of partners BA Next Generation Amusement, Inc. and PC Express, the leading computer retailer in the Philippines. VR+ PH is a franchise from Vader in Taiwan. It exclusively uses games developed by OXON game Studio, a mobile game developer in Taiwan established in 2014 and based in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. It is primarily known for World II, World III, galaxy reavers, and Future War.
“Not many people have the luxury of buying VR headsets and games. With VR+, not only can people finally get to try  VR games, but they also get to do so with their friends. They will experience games taht will make them feel as if they are in a different place. No other gaming platform can really replicate that feeling. We aim to make VR gaming the cool, hip thing to do,” said Arch. Rafael Banaag III of VR King Amusement, Inc.
NVIDIA is powering VR+, the first virtual reality (VR) playground of its kind in the Philippines, which allows multiple people to play simultaneously in the same game, in the same room!
VR+ is located ina 245-square-meter facility at Level 2, S Maison. VR+ is open from 10AM to 10PM daily. VR games are priced from P300 to P450 per person.

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