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The Feels Of A Struggling Relationship Showed In The Film, Siargao

Let’s talk about something personal. Let’s talk about love and relationship.

This post is actually a post-reaction to the movie Siargao that was released during the MMFF 2017 last year. I have been saving this on my draft note and was having a difficult decision to post it or just let it marinate for sometime.
Last night, a travel blogger friend, premiered her latest article about finding the right guy and why she’s ‘not into a relationship’ for the meantime. Her blog titled ‘To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before’ inspired me to go on publishing this – which you are reading right now. You can read Catching Carla’s beautiful post here.
Just like Carla, I’ve been in love. Relationships come and go. Some of these relationships ended with a big heartbreak.
I recently had a brief romance with this girl and when it ended, it shattered me into pieces. Emotionally and physically speaking. We’ve met and broke up last year. It’s hard to let go and if you think moving on was easy, wait until you’ve been in this fucking love situation. It was a complicated relationship to start with. But it’s over now.  I’ve experience six degrees of separation, been walking on the wire, just like the man who can’t be moved.
Won’t go into more details about that failed relationship and I somehow managed to get back into life, my old self.
Then I saw Siargao movie starring Jericho Rosales, Erich Gonzales, Enchong Dee, and Jasmine Curtis-Smith. At first, I thought it’s just a movie made to promote Siargao’s tourists spots but I didn’t expect it will give me the relationship feels about being in-love and broken at the same time.
Watching Siargao, I have come to realize that the four main characters were actually describing only one person. That person who needed an escape from emotional burden, struggling alone to find and search his/her inner self.
A perfect soul searching is a soul vacation, whereas in this film, in Siargao.
So why does Siargao made us feel that all the four characters in this movie are mirror images of only one person? Of yours and mine?

Because love hurts. And it’s true.

Coming from a  failed relationship that left us heartbroken, Siargao (film) had so much feels. You’ll just need to take a closer look.
Siargao’s scenic backdrop is just a bonus eyecandy. But the movie itself is not all about Siargao. It’s about finding your lost soul. Of memories, letting go, and facing reality.
Coming home and accepting within yourself that you have to do everything right from now on is like a course in surfing. You paddle and wait for that big rolling barrel of waves. You ride the board and braved the water. But life is not perfect, sometimes you’ll crash and fall. You’ll get beaten and worst comes to worst, you want to give up.
But you must not. You paddle again. You ride. You’ll crash and get crushed, but you’ll have to live again. You must live to admit that there’s something more than failing and heartaches, and you’ll get over with it. You’ll have to live for yourself not for anybody’s sake. Don’t make her or him your world. You have to enjoy life and soon, that person will come right along. Or maybe, just maybe, the one that got away, will find her or his way back, unexpectedly, to you.

Here are 4 signs that show that you are in a struggling relationship…

UNCERTAIN. Laura (Erich) is basically us, who can’t decide or jump into a new level of relationship because we are too scared. Scared that we would not meet the expectations of our other half. Scared because we might lose our own identity. Scared of commitment.
Kaya ang ending, marami ang nag solo travel kase dito daw nila mahahanap ang mga kasagutan sa pag-iisa. Relate much?
HURTING. Mikey (Enchong) is us after a solid breakup. We keep on coming back to that failed moment asking ourselves what went wrong. We felt the bitterness of life as we see our ex moving on. We lie to ourselves, telling everyone that we are okay. But we are not okay. Okay? We are hurting and still hoping that the person who walked away from our lives will have a change of heart and eventually return to us and stay for good.
Ikaw ito, di ba? Aminin mo, umasa ka rin na babalikan ka niya.
IN SELF-DENIAL. When we love and we are not sure if the person sees or feels the same, we do crazy things, self-denying that we don’t have the feelings for that person. But the truth is, we want them badly in our lives. We are just afraid that if they found out our real feelings for them, they might walk away or we can’t make them stay for a longer time. That’s Abi (Jasmine). She’s us.
So we kept on pushing them away but as we do, the harder it is for us to face the truth. The truth that we do  love them so much. We keep on waiting for them to make the first move, to hear it straight from them that they also have that same feelings for us.
The only setback, unless we make the first move, is that nothing might happen and we’ll just end up waiting, and hoping. Kaya kung mahal mo, sabihin mo na. Wag mong i-stalk ang Facebook at Instagram stories niya. Be man enough to start a conversation and then you’ll find out if your feelings are both the same.
BROKEN. Why do people travel alone? Perhaps they want to escape from one place and seek refuge to another because they’re running away from something, from someone.
Broken and alone, like Diego (Jericho), we wanted to forget the past. Difficult as it is, we can’t, unless we face it. Running away isn’t the only solution but it’s always the first thing that comes into our mind when we are broken. It’s either we fight or flight. We chose the latter.
But Diego didn’t escape from the city. He came back to his home. Realizing those wasted years, Diego finally balls up with himself. All those feelings for Abi that he couldn’t tell, going back to Siargao made him realize it’s now or never. Or he’ll be forever be broken.
Moving forward and taking baby steps are a good start to escape that damn broken feelings. Habambuhay kang mag-iisa at magdurusa kung patuloy kang iiyak at magmumukmok sa isang tabi habang tinitignan mo sa malayo yung taong minamahal mo. Kung mahal mo siya, ipakita mo na katapat-dapat ka para sa kaniya.

Diego, Laura, Abi, and Mikey are different persons in the movie Siargao but as you dive and plunged into their stories, you’ll realize that these characters represent only one. YOU.

If you are feeling uncertain, hurting, in self-denial, and broken, perhaps this is the day for you to get back to your senses. Love moves in strange ways and there is only one person who knows how to make love happen. Maybe not today nor tomorrow, but soon there will be a time for you to be in that relationship thingy once again. This is me telling myself. And if it wont work out again, continue living until you (and me), find the real happiness we’ve been searching all along.
Malay mo, nandiyan lang siya na naghihintay. Hindi mo lang napapansin dahil naka-focus ka pa sa kahapon.
Thank you for reading!

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