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The Best New Shows that Pinoys Love to Watch on Netflix (Part 1)

Into the Night

This one tops my personal list. Frankly speaking, the concept of the production wasn’t very original at all. Think of ‘Lost’ meets ‘Flash Forward’ meets ‘Manifest’ and you’ll get the idea.

What do Lost and Manifest have im common, by the way? Airplane.

But the premise of ‘Into the Night’ is something new for a new sci-fi series. It has the eerie apocalyptic storyline and the world ends as we know it through the Sun’s anomaly that would kill the planet as it rises.

The main characters, onboard a commercial flight, must find a way or travel to a destination that would require them to fly ‘into the night’ via a commercial plane and find a bunker somewhere else before the sun catches them up.

The ensemble of casts is a show winner with characters coming from different races and nationality. They are left to trust each other amid the embroiling differences and hatred they feel towards one another.

So how did ‘Into the Night’ click with the audience as soon as it was released on Netflix?

Many viewers now are attached to the pre-apocalyptic world scenario everyone is experiencing because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Like it or not, ‘Into the Night’ presented a grim reality that every nation is facing.



What is the difference between Chris Hemsworth and Robert Downey, Jr.? Simple. Hemsworth can practically get away from the Avengers’ shadow and can still do movies that will break box office. Well, except for one. MIB.

I can’t say the same with RDJ. The Iron Man actor, in terms of his acting style, it seems that he’s got nothing new to offer. Whether it’s Sherlock, Dr. Doolittle, or as Tony Stark, it’s the same RDJ, with only different names.

Going back to Extraction, the new action-packed movie is slamming with hard-hitting action scenes that action movie fans would love to see.

There’s this much talked about continuous scene the director shoots and that took about 12 minutes running time during the show. The visuals are good and the actors did a fine job on their acting.

Extraction is at No. 7 on Top 10 Netflix Philippines Today.


15:17 Paris

This docu-movie was released in 2018 and ia currently on the Top 10 list of most watched on Netflix. Landing on the 4th spot, on Netflix Top 10 Philippines Today, 15:17 Paris is a darkhorse.

15:17 Paris seems kinda boring at first and I was wondering why they were shooting it like a docu. The early scenes are okay but the exciitng one was o the train to Paris.

So as soon as the credit rolled in, I was surprised to see the name of Clint Eastwood directing the film. From there I found out that this film was based on true-to-life accounts of three guys whose friendship dates back when they’re just kids.

And to top it all, the actors are the same persons who wrote the book where this film is based upon.


Itaewon Class

As a K-drama series, Itaewon Class has a different approach when it comes to revenge plot storyline.

I love the story and characters of Itaewon Class, even the ediitng is natural. I guess, Itaewon Class is the answer that one Filipino movie director needs to know and accept why Pinoys love Korean dramas.

Itaewon Class doesn’t bore the audience. Every conflict are given their dramatic closure each time an episode ends. Conflict starts with another one as the story for the next episode unfolds. Character twists and build-ups are also big factors how Itaewon Class became fan favorites.

The story of the main character, Park Saeroyi, is a perfect piece to watch by people who are discouraged and needed motivation to succeed in life.

Soundtracks of Itaewon Class are inspiring too. I can’t get Gaho’s “Start Over” away from my mind since I started watching Itaewon Class.


Tiger King

If you hate Joe Exotic or finds Carole Baskin a hypocrite, it’s because Tiger King is a phenomenal.

I was kinda late to this docu-series and felt adamant in watching it when it was released. And now I know, that was a wrong move not to join the Tiger King bandwagon earlier.

Admit it, the show was addictive right from the start. I’ve binged it for seven hours straight from the moment I decided to click Tiger King on my Netflix’s tiles.

There’s lot to talk about the story, which is by the way was not just based from another story but it is an actual real-life drama of egos, hypocracy, envy, passion, and murder. I’m pretty sure you all know what already happened in Tiger King.

The only thing that piqued my curiousity was how the hell they pulled off all those footage from day one?! Great editing!

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