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Taiwan’s Premium Milk Tea Goodness is Now in the Metro

Pure and authentic. The taste of Taiwan’s premium milk tea goodness is now closer to home with iMilky Philippines.

I’ve tasted some of the milk tea brands available in thr country and I must say that I’Milky stands out from the rest. For one, I love their Thai Tea with Brown Sugar. This flavor doesn’t come strong when it comes to sweetness. I should know because I’ve already stayed away from sugar and only choose whenever I want it in my coffee ot int his case, milk tea.

So, let’s dig in and know more about I’Milky!

Driven by the ‘less is more’ philosophy, I’Milky focuses on a pure and unassuming lifestyle, perfectly captured by a strict adherence to quality, natural ingredients, devoid of artificial components. Each sip is freshly crafted to ensure the best drinking experience, until the last drop. With ingredients carefully sourced from Taiwan, Premium milk tea cravings are now just a drive away.

I’Milky’s curated menu features delightful flavors such as Taro Milk Tea, Natural Brown Sugar Milk Tea, and Strawberry Milk Tea. Fresh tea and soy-based options are also available, adding variety into the mix.

The I’Milky store concept is also a sight to behold, designed to be a perfect haven for avid milk tea aficionados, with its minimalist interior, and light and airy atmosphere. The unassuming lifestyle is present not just in the drinks themselves, but the entire space, allowing you to just enjoy every sip, and every moment.

“We are so excited to bring a healthy, delicious, and truly authentic milk tea experience here in the Philippines. What’s so good about I’Milky is our passion for the simple and natural. No fuss, no drama, just a drink that you’d definitely crave for.” Says Roxanne Farillas. “Our goal is always to elevate and expand our customer’s drink experience, and bring a slice of wonderful places like Taiwan, and their amazing drink culture, closer to home.”

Discover the premium milk tea goodness at TriNoma, Robinsons Place Manila, and Ayala North Exchange and will soon open more stores across the country.

For additional information on I’Milky Philippines, visit us on social media by following @imilkyph on Instagram and Facebook.

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