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Summer Must Haves You'll Need On Your Next Trip From Shopee

SUMMER is always special here in the Philippines! That is a fact.
Generally, and with the exception of around 5 to 10 typhoons a year, the country’s weather is perfect for about all kinds of outdoor activities. But it is however during the months of March to May that the sun smiles almost every single day.
Blessed with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and the coolest highlands, summer in the Philippines is definitely going to be an adventure and a treat for about all kinds of people – from the beach loving thrill seekers to the nature-loving excursionist on retreat.
Now for those who woke up late and forgot that it’s already summer, don’t worry because you still have plenty of time to plan your getaway – and while you’re at it don’t forget to get your summer essentials as well.
The good news is that getting your Summer Must-Haves is as easy as clicking the mouse of your computer or tapping on the screen of your mobile device.
All you need is an internet connection and Shopee – the leading online ecommerce site in the Southeast Asian region that offers unmatched convenience and seamless shopping experience to millions of satisfied online shoppers.
For your summer escapades, here are a few items from Shopee that you might be interested in:

Anti Theft Backpack

First on the list is a bag or backpack that will secure all your stuff while you’re on your summer adventure. An Anti Theft Backpack will lessen the worries and let you focus on your fun.
I chose this one not because it’s the cheapest but because it’s the most bought on the site. There are others like it on the site with a much lower price tag though.

Swim Wear

If you’re bringing your girl with you on a summer trip, I suggest you gift her with this. This swim wear is sexy but not too revealing.
Girls will love this, and the best part is – it’s on 50% OFF when I found it.


I was looking for a sunscreen on Shopee, and this pop up.
I don’t really know what this is but it is the most bought item under that category and it is on sale at 59% OFF. So it’s worth a try.


Another summer essential are sunglasses. If in case you still don’t own one I suggest you get the ones with UV rays protection.
However, this Axe and Sunglass bundle offered on the site is so irresistible. It’s a real bargain at 17% OFF and the best part is, the seller is on Shopee’s PREFERRED list.

Barbecue Grill

Now if you plan to just stay home all summer, I would suggest that you at least go out and cook something.
I just saw on a Shopee FLASH SALE this really cool-looking, stainless outdoor Barbecue Pit sold for only P370 or at 26% OFF.
There are a lot more items on the site to choose from. Ordering is easy and most of the times, sellers offer their items with NO SHIPPING COST.
As a pro tip, I would suggest that you buy your items from sellers with great ratings and always check for comments and not only the low price tag or big discounts.
So that’s it, you are all set! Soak a little sun, breathe some country fresh air or sleep under the stars. You are commissioned to do that now – it’s SUMMER! Have Fun!

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