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More Spanish Wines Now Available In Manila

You may have heard of La Mancha in Spain because of Don Quixote’s story. The Castilla-La Mancha region is actually home to the finest Spanish wines, as it is the world’s largest wine growing region.
Several wine brands were featured in a wine tasting event at the Makati Shangri-La by La Camara (a.k.a. Spanish Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines), IPEX Castilla-La Mancha and Perspectiva Asia Ltd.
Fifteen (15) of the best Castilla-La Mancha wine companies participated in this event for all wine retail and media attendees.
Here’s the invitation I got via email:
Registration was open for both invited guests and walk-ins. After having my name verified at the registration desk, I was given this event booklet where you can write notes about each wine offered during the free tasting.
The booklet contains complete facts regarding Castilla-La Mancha as the place to be for the best food and wine in Spain, plus company information per event participant.
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I went to the event to look for a bottle of wine with low alcohol content for myself and my Mom (May is my birth month, plus Mother’s Day was a few weeks away).
I found more than one brand, and in the video below I included the percentages (ABV) that served as my guide in making that perfect choice.
Check out my post-event video here:

Well, here’s the best part: I didn’t have to decide as one of the exhibitors gave me a free bottle of wine with cork opener!
Up to this day, Mom and I have this Friday wine nights. She likes the taste of this sample wine as much as I do.
To be included in the guestlist of La Camara’s upcoming events or for sponsorship inquiries, see contact details below and get in touch with them ASAP.
Grand Tasting 2018 was made possible with the help of various sponsors:

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