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Social Distancing is the New Norm; Community Quarantine in Metro Manila Announced by President Duterte

First of all, there is no Martial Law. There is a lockdown of sort but President Rodrigo Duterte doesn’t want to create hysteria and just announced community quarantine as immediate action to contain the viral COVID-19.

There is no Martial Law, guys. PNP, AFP, and inter-agency task force will be involve to aid and help the government. “They are here not to fight with you guys. They are just here to serve you even they are under the orders of civilian authorities,” sabe ni PDuts sa kaniyang State of the Nation address na hinintay ko kanina pang 6PM. Pero as usual, Filipino time, late na nag-start mga 9PM na yata yun.

“Simple lang iyan. The purpose is to protect and defend you from COVID-19 where the government will see things are in order. To do this, military and police are deployed to maintain peace and order,” added Duterte.

“What we are trying to control are people with COVID-19.”

So stop the mongering. There is no Martial Law.

One more thing, Duterte also strongly advised social distancing in public places and at work to avoid getting the infection.

Localized quarantine is highly recommended when there are two cases of COVID-19 patients reported. The baranggay captain and teachers, under the administrative code are vested with authority to give instructions, monitor, and to take care of the people in the community.

Municipality or city wide quarantine is advised when two positive COVID-19 cases in different baranggays under one municipality are reported.

Baranggay Captains and Kagawad are relegated with duties under this emergency crisis. Responsibilities fall on their shoulders to secure and enforce the said resolution under the Executive Order (which has guidelines to be released to the public), read by Duterte.

Metro Manila is under the community quarantine where local or domestic travel to and from Metro Manila by land, sea, and air are suspended from March 15 until April 14, 2020. PNR, LRT, and MRT will continue to operate, according to the President.


Many have been asking about what happens to individuals who live outside NCR but work inside Metro Manila during the community quarantine.

As per DILG Sec. Año on DZMM at 10:44PM:

Workers/employees and business owners who are residing outside Metro Manila are allowed to come in and out of NCR if they are able to provide identification cards/proof of employment/proof of business at checkpoints during the community quarantine (aka lockdown) from March 15, 2020 – April 14, 2020.” – Chuckie Dreyfus Facebook

LGUs outside National Capital Region (NCR) are advised to suspend classes in their localities if situation so warrants. However, this authority does not allow them to suspend classes under trivial reasons other than COVID-19.

The President assures there is a structure but he also asked for little patience and understanding. “There is a structure. I just ask for your little patience. Let’s help each other at this time because everything is placed in jeopardy. Because walang gamot. Totoo ito. Salamat po. Thank you for listening.,” Duterte said before closing his statement on national TV.

For better understanding the three types of quarantine announced by the President, here is a set infographics to explain it well. Images courtesy of Chuckie Drefyus.

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