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Smart Home Mesh Wi-Fi System Launch

A leading global provider of consumer and business networking products announced the future of the Smart Home Mesh Wi-Fi System during an event held last week at Relik Bar in Bonifacio Global City.
TP-Link boasts of networking products founded in 1996 and a provider of networking devices and accessories, involved in all aspects of everyday life.
Last Friday, TP-Link launched Deco M9 Plus, the brand’s first mesh Wi-Fi system with smart hub functionality, aimed at providing internet connection that is “Fast. Smart. Everywhere.” Deco M9 Plus will ve available in the market in July 22.
The AC2200 Smart Home Mesh Wi-Fo System Deco M9 Plus is the simplest way to guarantee a strong Wi-Fi signal in every corner of the house with up to 4500 square feet with Deco units. Users can enjoy fast, secure Wi-Fi for over 100 connected devices  and take control of all their smart home devices with Deco M9 Plus, with no need to buy additional hub.

Dead-Zone Killer

Deco M9 Plus units in different rooms  work together to form one unified whole-home network to eliminate weak signal areas, making it an ultimate dead-zone killer device for home’s internet commection needs.

Superior Tri-Band Speeds

Deco M9 Plus delivers super-fast Wi-Fi to devices in every part of the home. The AC2200 Wi-Fi system transmits three separate wireless bands for combined speeds of up to 2134Mbps; one 400Mbps 2.4GHz band for surfing, online shopping and audio streaming, and one high-speed 867Mbps 5GHz band for lag-free 4k streaming and gaming, with another 867Mbps 5GHz band as backhaul. Smart Connect technology automatically assigns each device to the optimum band to balance traffic and maintain fast connections.

Built-In Smart Hub

Unlike traditional Wi-Fi routers, each Deco M9 Plus unit hasba built-in smart hub, bringing all your smart home devices onto one platform. Deco M9 Plus os compatible with smart bulbs, lights, switches, locks, sensors, plugs, cameras and more, including TP-Link and other leading brands.

Connects Over 100 Devices

Beneath  the stylish exterior is a Qualcomm Quad-core CPU, giving Deco M9 Plus the processing power to support over 100 devices, with speeds up to three times faster than previous generation routers. Multiple applications are handled with ease to deliver smooth, stable Wi-Fi for every device in the home.

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