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Sierra Madre Mountain Range Like We’ve Never Seen Before

The novel coronavirus brought scare and deaths in every cities and countries it took over. COVID-19 was declared pandemic as it spread rapidly in many countries around the world.

There are already 442,614 total cases worlwide with 18,892 deaths and 108,879 recoveries as of March 25, 2020.

In the Philippines, there are already 552 cases with 35 deaths and 29 recovered patients, as of this writing. The island is already placed in a state of emergency with many cities and provinces imposed under the state of Enhanced Community Quarantine.

Johair Siscar Addang: Facebook

But amid these difficult times, one photographer captured a beautiful and stunning image of Sierra Madre mountain range, one that could barely seen clearly before with the naked eyes. This time, Johair Siscar Addang had the opportunity and snapped a wide and clear photo of the mountain range that is usually hidden from clouds and haze of smokes from city pollutions.

Johair Siscar Addang: Facebook

“I took the photos last March 23 at 5:19pm. Sa may Lumiere Residences sa Pasig area. Nagulat na lang ako na ang ganda ng view, parang sa mga skyline sa Hongkong or Japan iyung may mga buildings at iyung background na mountain range. Actually palagi ko nang nakikita ung bundok ng Sierra Madre pero shadow lang sya pag nakikita ko. Pero simula nagkaroon ng quarantine at lockdown. Lumabas ang itsura ng Sierra Madre. Siguro, dahil na rin sa less pollution sa Metro Manila,” sabe sa akin ni Johair nung kinunan ko siya ng pahayag with regards sa magandang kuha niya.

And what’s even more surprising, those photos were taken from a smartphone camera!

Johair Siscar Addang: Facebook

“Actually phone lang gamit ko kasi naka tambay lang ako sa roofdeck para mag pahinga at tamang soundtrip. I used my Samsung s20 ultra. Superb na sya kahit hindi ka gumamit ng dslr kung on-the-go ka. Tapos 3-in-1 package kasi may wide lens. Portrait lens and telephoto. Dami hindi naniniwala sa akin na yun ang gamit ko nung kinuha ko ung shot,” shared Johair.

Johair, who is also a Construction Quality Control Engineer of a real estate development firm, took the photos one afternoon on the rooftop of one of their properties.

Johair Siscar Addang: Facebook
Johair Siscar Addang: Facebook
Johair Siscar Addang: Facebook

Aside from nature photography, Johair is also into city and urban landscape and slow shutter speed photography around Metro Manila. He’s a photography hobbyist since 2012. You can check his photos and add him on Instagram at @johairaddang.

I asked him what are his advise for those people who are left with nothing to do since they’re on quarantine at home. “Find a new learning. A new hobby. Like reading a book, exercise at sulitin ung time with our family. Kasi minsan lang tayo magkaroon ng ganitong panahon kaya sulitin natin. At sa mga taong facing difficulties right now, pagsubok lang ito. Magkaisa tayong lahat para matulungan natin ang isat-isa. Matatapos din to at palagi tayo mag dasal kay God for guidance.”

Before we end our conversation, he said with a heavy heart that he knew that after this crisis, and everything is back to normal, “we may never see again that beautiful Sierra Madre.”

He could be right. Because going back to normal means we’ll have to live again through daily pollutions that would cover those beautiful mountain range sightings from our view.

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