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Sex Scandal Videos Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

There are more pressing issues and bigger problems that the world is facing right now. Here in the Philippines, we are currently on an Enhanced Community Quarantine. The whole of Luzon is on a lockdown heavily implemented as the case of coronavirus continues to rise worldwide.

Yet, I found myself waking up this morning with headlines of sex scandal videos that are now shared online. The news, not the actual video, is trending today and it causes a spike on online searches of the identities of the persons involved in these videos. Social media platforms like Facebook and short-video form mobile app like TikTok became the immediate source of information and at the same time, unfortunately, become vessels to video links.

I’ll be hypocrite if I say that I have never seen any sex videos in my life and I’ll be lying if I claim to have never been into sexual relationships but I can boldly say that sharing bedroom sexual activities (that are private) on the internet, with or without consent, is a big step backward to humanity.

I’m not against those people who quietly and secretly share the news on private group chats – they could either be just getting more information or curious about the happenings and are trying to come up with suggestions or recommendations on how to stop these videos from being shared online.

I am angry at the persons who upload and those who continuously share the videos accompanied with links available to the public on the internet. Many have gone too far by creating fake Facebook pages and profiles containing video links and ‘how to’s”.

I’m appalled how netizens react to this. And in some cases, those who post their negative comments online and blame these poor victims, are women themselves. Sad but true.

The hard truth of the matter, women who were involved in the videos are the ones receiving the tail end of the whipping burdens brought about by the intentional and deliberate upload of this scandal.

It’s not their fault. Stop blaming and name-shaming.

It’s the guy, na after magpaka-sarap, usually orchestrates these illegal uploads. Pare, kina-macho mo ba ang pag-upload ng sex activity niyo ng girlfriend mo? Hindi mo ba naisip na hindi lang reputasyon niya ang masisira kundi pati na rin ng pamlya niya? At hindi mo rin ba naisip na pati ikaw ay mananagot kapag ikaw ay napatunayan na nagpakalat ng mga sex scandal videos?

There is still a silver lining on this issue. The last time I heard, the latest victim of this latest sex scandal video uploads came out to the public and admitted to her friends, families, and other people that she made a huge mistake. And she is asking for everyone’s understanding. She made it clear that taking her own life hasn’t crossed her mind. That’s a great news.

Additionaly, she and her family have already talked to their lawyer to sue and file charges against her boyfriend who uploaded and shared the videos on the internet. Goodluck, pare. You’ll be caressing cold iron bars once you’re caught and locked in jail.

Just like the novel coronavirus, this rampant act of uploading sex scandal videos without consent is also a disease that plagues the mind of disrespectful individuals who after enjoying the sweet moments of this romantic bliss have the evil agenda of recording video footage for internet uploading, for the sake of internet fame.

If you need to talk to somebody and/or you know someone needs help, these crisis for memnal health hotlines can be reached through the following numbers: 0917-899-USAP (8727)

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