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Seriously, These Are My Top 10 Wish List On Shopee (Universe, Are You Listening?)

Life is full of surprises and if you’re lucky enough, you’ll get what you want in a snap of your fingers. Just like what Thanos just did in Infinity War. But we’re no Thanos, and we don’t want to be like him. Some people goes Aladdin-style and rely on the genie on the bottle for their wishes. The problem with genies is that you get only three wishes, they just couldn’t keep up with technology and man’s propensity for creating a lot of wants and needs.
Seriously, the idea of a 3-wish rule is so way back in the days when the word “upgrade” hasn’t been invented yet. Gadget makers around the globe are already running out of letters and numbers to name their latest product line upgrades and people are still buying even if they bought its predecessor only six months ago.
And so, I came to a conclusion that we need to strike a balance (perfectly balanced, as all things should be…) in this aspect – It’s really not bad to ask for more than 3 wishes BUT be wise and choose to wish only those that will enrich you the most.
In reality we don’t really have genies to grant our wishes, and oftentimes we are the ones who make all our wishes come true. But sometimes, fate, friends or family intervene and help us move closer to getting what we really want.
In the online world for example, we have the ecommerce site SHOPEE to help guide us in finding all the stuff that we need. Giving us options when it comes to price tags and sellers. In a way, Shopee acts as a digital match-making Genie, getting buyers to the right seller to make a lot wishes come true.
Let’s make a wish shall we?

Here are My Top 10 Wish List on Shopee

1. Samsung Galaxy S9 with Free JGL T110 In-Ear Headphones (To be able to communicate Better)
31676577_1784937514934450_2128790270995595264_n2. Seagate Backup Plus Slim 2TB Portable Hard Drive (An improved memory)
31776165_1784937788267756_71338092526567424_n3. Transcend 16GB SD Card Class 10 (To share memorable experiences with loved ones)
31676510_1784937761601092_1366529263531982848_n4. DJI Drone Phantom 4 Pro (To be in places I have never been to)
31749456_1784937591601109_8325530611347357696_n5. Exploding Kittens Card Game with Expansion Pack (To bring home a pet cat – even though I’m a dog lover, tee-hee!)
31727747_1784937771601091_186716809771089920_n6. Organ Attack Card Game with Expansion Pack (To be healthy always)
31699021_1784937838267751_873132543078039552_n7. Authentic Burberry Touch For Men 100ml EDT (To be loved)
31682289_1784937731601095_5668968058870300672_n (1)8. 16 in 1 Multifunctional Car Safety Tool (To be safe always)
31870638_1784937634934438_4807531626567303168_n9. Single Zip Long Wallet (To manage my finances better)
31749662_1784937864934415_9104757199191670784_n10. Captain America Shield Powerbank 6800mah (To gain more power and enthusiasm to defeat Thanos!)
So those are just some of the things on shopee that I jotted down on my personal wish list. I am about to make a couple of them come true before the month ends.
Visit Shopee for more wish-worthy items – you never run out of stuff to like at the Shopee Mall and remember Wish Wisely.

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