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Scammer Scammed by Amazon Alexa

A video of a woman talking to a scammer recently went viral on the internet and it appeared like the man on the other line was taking some lessons from her.

Now, that’s how a playful trick to scam a scammer.

Scammers on the phone are rampant worldwide and they target anybody, randomly. As soon they get the person’s trust and if they’re gullible, the scammer will do what he has to do. Steal your personal information.

But a lady from Los Angeles showed us how to beat these scammers. The 40-minute long YouTube video showed Rosie, a voice actor/singer/songwriter pretending to be Amazon’s Alexa. The scammer was a bit skeptical at first but he later believed that he was really talking to an AI.

The man even sang with Alexa and was taught wih some English words like ‘wazzup’ and ‘dawg’ by the AI.

This video made me laugh so hard!

The scammer doesn’t really know what just happened there!

Watch the full video here.

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