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Rosita Soliman Foundation, Inc. Donates 2-Way Radios to Hospitals in Metro Manila

Rosita Soliman Foundation Inc. continues its civic deeds by donating giving away 230 CIGNUS XT-2 Model 2-Way Radio (30 units directly from Cignus Philippines for easier communication inside the hospitals.

Rosita Soliman Foundation is a non-profit community organizatio that works hand-in-hand with Pure Force Media which is a private initiative that helps private and government agencies (police and fire brigades, emergency teams, among others) with tools to reach help in cases of emergencies. The objective is to bring agencies altogether to track and manage emergency reports across the country on geospatially enabled and robust workforce management platform, the Pure Force Center.

The 2-way radios will help provide immediate communications for doctors, nurses, and their staff to better utilize their workforce in hospitals and healthcare departments, and attend to patients who are COVID-19 positive.

This initiative is led by a visionary, a man who willingly sacrifice business profits above the millions of people who are in need through his entrepreneu­rial and socio-ci­vic endeavors.

Jojo Soliman’s vision was to ensure that every Filipino table will have sufficient rice for the family. This vision started to become a reality when Santa Rosa  Farm Pro­ducts became a prominent name in the agri sector, and later reinforced by Purefeeds Corporation, its sister company.

Santa Rosa Farm holds a strong position grains business while Purefeeds operates its livestock, feeds, and animal husbandry.

Today, Purefeeds tirelessly continue its advocacy of helping communities with sacks of rice donations in different provinces bearing the effects of the novel coronavirus disease.

Soliman also founded a mobile emergency responder and disaster risk management app and incorporate it into Pure Force. Tje Pure Force team, composed of RAHA Volunteers Fire Department, Rosita Soliman Foundation Inc., and Pure Force- Media, together with LGUs, is helping in misting and the disenfection of the streets in the city of Manila (also buildings, establishments, and vehicles) as well as in other parts of Metro Manila, to get rid of COVID-19.

The misting and disinfecting is also enforced on gates in all checkpoints for motorcycles, small vehicles to big containerized trucks within the city of Manila.

The city of Manila was the first to install the disinfecting and misting equipment for vehicles. The equipment, Pure Platinum Plus STAYSAFE is designed to prevent contamination due to the spread of the virus.

The novel coronavirus can remain in air for 3 hours, according to new study. A related study also suggests that the COVID-19 can live on surfaces such as plastic and stainless steel for up to three days.

Currently, there is no specific medicine to cure or to treat COVID-19.

“As much as possible, we’re covering all public spaces to be virus free. Let’s all do our share in public health care,” said Soliman.

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