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Things you want to ask about quarantine pass, curfew hours, travel authority, etc., under general community quarantine

Do I need to present my quarantine pass?

As a general rule, according to DILG Under Secretary Jonathan Malaya, quarantine pass is not needed anymore under general community quarantine, beginning on June 1.

However, LGUs are tasked to implement the requirement of quarantine pass if they believe that there are areas vulnerable to high risk cases of COVID-19 transmission.


Will there be a curfew under GCQ?

Curfew hours are still implemented nationwide in accordance to the guidelines set by the LGU. In Metro Manila, the curfew hours is between 8 PM -5 AM, the following day. For those working on night-shifts, they are advised to bring proper certificates and documenations as proof that they are part of the essential work force.


Can I visit my family, friends, and relatives?

Visiting relatives beyond cross-boundaries are allowed but visitors who will be stopped at checkpoints must prepare to present documents as proof that their purpose to visit is essential. A travel authority pass is required to cross boundaries.


Where do I apply for a travel authority pass?

Travel authority will be necessary for people traveling outside provincial boundaries or region to region. Initially, I heard that the application and approval of travel authority pass will be handled by respective police stations where the applicant is residing. So, I went to our barangay to ask a few questions regarding access to travel pass. Kagawad Feliciano Rivero of Pandayan told me that I can request for the travel pass in the city hall. So mejo confusing ito. To be sure, I encouraged you to visit first your barangay to make sure of the correct details where you can apply for a travel pass.

*A person who is applying for a travel authority pass must also bring and present medical certification.

In Metro Manila, I think you only need your quarantine passes to cross inter-cities.


Can I go outside the house under GCQ?

As a rule, only authorized persons outside residence or APOR with ages 21 to 60 years old will be allowed to go outside their residences. You may go back to my previous general community quarantine guidelines and protocols article to learn more about who are allowed to go outside.

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