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Quaden Bayles, the Bullied Kid in School is a 9-Year Old Boy with Dwarfism

It’s a bit sad that after bullying, this nine-year old with dwarfism is now a target of hoax and demolition job to discredit his identity after a GoFundMe for him is now moving up above $300k.

I saw a video debunking Quaden Bayles’ age and according sa mga kumakalat na information, he is “an 18-year old actor who tricked the world of internet as a kid being bullied at school“. After his heartbreaking video posted by his mom went viral, lists of celebrities and big names came to his aid and are sending their love and financial support for his future’s sake.

Just because his video went viral nagkaroon naman ng mga fake Quaden Bayles social media accounts and some are trying to ask for money.

Quaden’s mom Yarraka quickly discredit those accounts and confirmed that they are not begging for money. The GoFundMe campaign for Quaden was an initiative from one of those who heard his sufferings and created the fundraiser to help the young Quaden.

Actors like Hugh Jackman and Mark Hamill posts their support for this kid. And more people are pledging their support for Quaden.

Here are some website links that shows the truth behind Quaden Bayles:

And for those people who are wondering why Quaden has a hundred of thousands followers, it is because he and his mom have already appeared in various shows and news in the past beginning in 2015 when Quaden was just 4 years old.

Yarraka was interviewed and together with ber son, were featured in some programs in Australia in relation with Quaden’s health condition.

It’s easy to be fooled with all the things we see and read online but there are also cases that you have to verify if a story is real or not. Not everything we see on the internet is real. Quaden’s an exception.

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