Yan po ang hinaing ng maraming commuters na nagsilabasan kahapon, June 1, first day high ng general community quarantine (GCQ).

Although there were some passengers who were lucky to score comfortable rides on the MRT, many of the commuting public were disappointed for the lack of buses and other public utility vehicles available yesterday morning.

Either they had to wait for several hours to get a chance to catch their rides going to their work places, or unfortunately, they just had to go home instead.

Another passenger told a news reporter that he’s thinking of filing a leave from work because he’s not sure if this kind of situation will improve or not.

A man from Antipolo had to wait for a bus ride in Cubao for six hours but to no avail.

These were just examples of the burdens that commuters had to face as GCQ opens in Metro Manila and NCR.

There were also reported cases of stranded commuters. Commuters had to wait along Commonwealth Ave. as early as 6 AM to get a decent ride but ended up with nothing. Confusion and disappointments were painted on their faces for failing to get to their destinations.

Is this a problem of the governing agencies mandating guidelines that they thought would safely protect the public from COVID-19 transmission? A GCQ does not mean that we are off-the-hook from this viral disease. This quarantine was recommended because our economy is shaking and the government, and private companies, need these people for business continuity. To save the economy. To save us from economic crisis.

But then again, are we safe under GCQ? Is it worth the price to pay for some of our fellow Pinoys to be at the forefront of this global pandemic battle?

I do not know the answer but if we’re allowing the public to return on the streets again, at least plan better and execute a concrete and feasable public transport access to make sure passengers will get to their destinations comfortable, safe, and with peace on their minds that on the next day, and the following days to come, lady luck will be favoring on their sides.

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