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Why Promate Powerstation Is All You'll Ever Need During Power Failures

Due to frequent power shortages, work in offices or sometimes, even at home are disrupted and it may cost a lot of valuable time and lost opportunities that may arise during the bleak period. If you’re at home and you love entertainment, you might missed out the exciting episode of your favorite TV show and program or you might not even browse the internet because your wifi router doesn’t have the power during brownouts.
In the 90’s, small offices and homeowners found a solution by installing big power generators that uses fuel and are extremely costly that only the high-earning families and few from the middle-class can afford. These kind of generators truly provide a relief during power shortages and a lot of consumers way back then were satisfied.
The success of the big generators put the product on the map but eventually amidst the rising inflation and short of the demand, these generators were left in the dust for a longer period of time. People no longer need them because of other small and affordable power chargers are introduced in the market. And as the world modernizes, the need to power up small devices can now be supplied by power banks.
These outcomes challenged a leading brand known for portable generators in the Philippines to introduce family-friendly back-up power that is affordable and can be brought anywhere with multiple uses for the family or even for small offices.
Promate hears the consumers and aiming to electrify the almost 7,000 islands where majority of the population uses fan, TV, and light, new products were unveiled during The Solar Show Philippines 2018 last May 23-24, 2018 at the SMX Convention Center of the Mall of Asia complex in Pasay City.
Promate was one of the exhibitors and they announced the availability of the Promate 240s (new version of the Promate 240) and Promate 120 Powerstations that can power up the electricity needed, solar panel ready, eco-friendly, can be used for indoor and outdoor, rechargable, and best for micro enterprise/entrepreneur business continuation.
Promate 240s is a plug-and-play solar generator designed for home, small offices, and condominium units during power failures. Promate 240s is perfect to power up lights, computers, mobile devices, and wifi routers. Promate 120 is its small brother.
Promate 240s features two 220VAC outputs, three USB ports, and one 12VDC output which are in the front panel. Cables are included, including alligator clips.
Promate 240s is also capable to jumpstart your car with its car jumper port, an added feature of this model.
The Promate Powerstations are reliable devices that can increase work productivity and shared moments during family bonding becomes more fun when electricity is not available.
Promate 240 and Promate 120 are already available in the market.
For more info, you can call Promate at (02) 914-7287/ (02) 650-6147, visit their website (, and follow them on Facebook (PromatePH), Instagram (PromatePH), and Twitter (@promatephil).

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