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Pre-birthday beauty treats from Leo Pascual Salon and Amaze Secret

Prior to turning another year older this month, I made plans to pamper myself to achieve a better hairstyle and clearer, smoother skin.
Not a lot of people may know Leo Pascual Salon and Amaze Secret, but with my very recent experience, I must say that they deserve more attention and positive reviews. Trying them both, for me, was life-changing somehow. The “gandang di mo inakala” line does apply here.
Leo Pascual Salon
This salon in Makati may look small and simple unlike most high-end salons. However, it can be a “magical” place for those who want to update their look and be ahead of what’s trendy.
FYI, its address indicates Makati City but it’s actually nearest to SM Aura, Market! Market! and McKinley Hill.
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I met THE Leo Pascual twice – first for hair consultation and second for my surprise makeover. I mentioned “surprise” because he didn’t tell me at all after the first meeting what he’d do to my hair. I just had to trust him and his expertise, being a professionally-trained “hair doctor”. I was excited and nervous at the same time thinking of how the new me would look like before turning 30-ish in a few weeks.

On the day of my surprise makeover, I arrived at the salon at 2:30 pm. I waited for Leo since he wasn’t in yet due to some urgent matters, so I was accompanied by his staff to the second floor of the salon. I was the only one upstairs and as I waited, I took some selfies as my “farewell” to my plain Jane hair.
Leo started the makeover around 3pm. He gave me a haircut + hair coloring with highlights + hair treatment. See my transformation in the video below and read the caption too for my surprise makeover story:

The “magic” went on ‘till around 6pm. Leo wants to take his time in providing excellent service, so he makes the surprise makeover happen on one client at a time and he doesn’t allow walk-ins. His salon is only open on a by-appointment basis – VIP treatment at its finest!
And just like gadgets and appliances, Leo offers a makeover warranty. If you don’t like your new look, he can change it for free! Just ask him or his staff about this when you book an appointment. So far, I have no complaints about my new hairstyle. He did promise me that I would get a second look from anyone who notices my brand new “blogger image”, and yes, this came true more than once! In one event I went to as a walk-in guest days after my hair transformation, the organizer could already tell that I’m a blogger even before introducing myself. Just…wow!

Before leaving the salon, I was told by Leo to:
💇‍♀️ Avoid salt water and chlorinated water for a week to avoid hair damage – therefore, I had to reschedule my beach trips and pool party events with friends. #tiisganda
💇‍♀️ Use regular conditioners for color-treated hair instead of leave-on conditioners.
Schedule your makeover today at Leo Pascual Salon via call/SMS (+63 2 856 0349 or +63 917 845 3406) or its social media accounts (click the links below):
Amaze Secret Bentonite Clay
So there’s this famous brand of facial clay product that’s always sold out in a leading health and wellness store in the country…I suddenly got curious. What makes it so special, that people have to fall in line before the store opens just to successfully acquire it?
I didn’t have to go through such hassle to know the answer.
Instead I was lucky to find an alternative to this in-demand product via social media, and it goes by the name Amaze Secret (@amazesecretph on Instagram) and it’s made in India. The local distributor, who I call Mutya, was kind enough to give me a sample good for a week to try, as I have super sensitive skin.
This was followed by the complete trial set good for a month or two:
The set includes the Bentonite clay powder in a plastic tub with a small plastic scoop spoon, moisturizing cream, and a banana soap bar.
To prepare for the clay mask, I washed my face with the banana soap. The scent’s so yummy, it’s like crushed bananas or banana shake became a part of my skincare regimen. 😂 For someone like me suffering from hives or another kind of skin allergy, this is very safe to use.
Watch this video to know more about Amaze Secret Bentonite clay:

How I did it:
💁‍♀️ I decided not to get ACV (apple cider vinegar) from Mutya and I don’t have honey at home, so I only used water with the clay powder (mineral water’s my choice).
💁‍♀️ The ratio of 1:1 is acceptable (1 scoop of clay powder mixed with 1 scoop of water).
💁‍♀️ I mixed them in a bowl and put the mask on my face with my clean, bare hands.
💁‍♀️ I was advised by Mutya that it’s best to leave clay mask to dry for 10 minutes for normal to dry skin, and 20 minutes for combination to oily skin. In my case, it’s 20 minutes.
At first, I found the smell weird but during my second time, I got used to it. In just one week (recommended usage is 2-3 times a week), I noticed that my skin became baby soft! No allergic reaction at all, thank goodness!
I used it for another week, and I can already go out without makeup on because Amaze Secret lightened my blemishes. I used to have breakouts every time I sleep late at night, but this doesn’t happen to me now. I would have just one or two tiny pimples that would easily heal, unlike my moderate adult acne in the past that wouldn’t go away for months.
I apply the clay mask and moisturizing cream at nighttime so that I get to sleep feeling fresher and lighter.
Here’s my latest photo, with only five hours of sleep and makeup-free (I will post another selfie when I’m done with the whole tub):
What you see is literally my #wokeuplikethis #selfie, with lesser blemishes and a few tiny bumps instead of huge zits.
As per Mutya, you can also apply clay mask on:
💁‍♀️ Your hair (for smoother texture)
💁‍♀️ Sunburn (for faster relief)
💁‍♀️ Your underarms (to prevent body odor, no need for deo)
I still have some clay powder left so I can try these other suggestions and do another blog review afterwards.
You can place your orders of Amaze Secret clay set via Instagram or contact Mutya at ‭+63 905 275 8364‬.

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