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Pilipinas ESETGO to Enter the Motorcycle Ride-hailing Industry in the Country

When it’s hard to book a Grab ride, even during non-peak hours, commuters are taking chances with Angkas – the most popular motorcycle ride-hailing transport in the country today.

With its massive investment in afvertisements and training riders for a safe and convenient rides, Angkas gained a cult following that made motorcycle more visible on the roads.

But even with Angkas around, or Grab, P2P buses, and LRT/MRTs, people are still looking for more options that can and will take them to their destinations. And this is where Pilipinas ESETGO Corporation comes in.

Pilipinas ESETGO is a new motorcycle ride-hailing mobile app player and is set to join the ride-hailing industry to give passengers more options.

Pilipinas ESETGO app is now available on iOS and Android. So if you want to give it a try once the system actually starts on the road, download the app now.

Let’s see if the brand is really set to go and conpete with better services and offerings on the road for the commuters.

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