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Petron-Backed SafeRun Promotes Riding Safety And Fuel Efficiency

Some 280 participants in the recently concluded SafeRun IV motorcycle competition proved that the keys to optimum motorcycle performance are a well-conditioned motorcycle, good riding skills, and safe riding habits. Billed as “the ultimate safety and fuel efficiency reality challenge,” SafeRun IV is presented by industry leader Petron Corporation as part of its road safety advocacy. Different from the usual motorcycle events promoting endurance competition, SafeRun promotes safe riding including the observance of traffic rules and regulations as well as speed limits, which lead to fuel efficiency.
Categorized according to their motorcycle’s engine displacement, participants are required to cover 600-kilometers, stopping to fuel up at designated Petron stations which also serve as checkpoints. Competitors who log the best fuel efficiency (km/L) for their respective categories are declared winners. Participants who violate traffic rules and speed limits, and fail to arrive at the assigned checkpoint within the required time—whether too early or too late—are given demerit points or may be disqualified altogether.
Taking off from The Laus Group Center in San Fernando, Pampanga on March 9 and finishing on March 10, the top winners in the motorcycle and scooter categories were as follows:
MOTORCYCLE  Category         Champion                           Bike                                         Fuel Efficiency
Class 1 100cc-115cc                      Robby Malapitan               Yamaha Sight 115               129.87 km/L
Class 2 116cc-125cc                      Rommel Enguerra             Kawasaki Z125                         67.67 km/L
Class 3 126cc-150cc                      Jun De La Rea                      Honda CBR150R                   103.09 km/L
Class 4 151cc-200cc                      John Mark Ramirez           TVS Apache 200                      77.22 km/L
Class 5 201cc-399cc                      John De La Cruz                  BMW G310R                              58.18 km/L
Class 6 400cc-649cc                      Jeffrey Ocaya                       Honda CB500                           37.76 km/L
Class 7 650cc-799cc                      Jerry Dizon                           BMW X-Country 650              36.86 km/L
Class 8 800cc and up                     Elizabeth Perez                   Yamaha Tracer 900                34.13 km/L
SCOOTER Category                    Champion                           Bike                                         Fuel Efficiency
Class 1 Scooter 100cc-115cc     Jester Carillo                        Honda Beat 110                      89.29 km/L
Class 2 Scooter 116cc-125cc     Joel Sulquiano                    Honda Click 125                      68.03 km/L
Class 3 Scooter 126cc-150cc     Edmond Navarro                Honda Click 150                      79.37 km/L
Class 4 Scooter 151cc-200cc     Venus Lorena Sibug          Yamaha Nmax 155                 55.56 km/L
Class 5 Scooter 201cc-399cc     Emmanuel Balmes            Kymco Xtown 300                  39.63 km/L
Class 6 Scooter 400cc and up    Oliver Navarro                     Kymco Xciting 400i                31.97 km/L
According to Petron Local Station Manager Amerlino “Bong” Paguia, himself an avid motorcycle enthusiast, “Through this event, we would like to encourage riders to give due attention to their vehicle’s roadworthiness through proper maintenance which, when combined with good riding skills and observance of traffic rules, leads to both road safety and fuel efficiency. Of course, we also want to prove, through this event, that Petron Sprint motorcycle oils and Petron fuels are the best match to deliver outstanding performance in terms of fuel economy as well as long distance travel.”
Petron Sprint 4T motorcycle oils are designed to meet the unique performance requirements of four-stroke motorcycles. Unlike passenger cars, motorcycle engines require lower oil volume, have higher power output, and operate at higher engine speeds. Petron Sprint 4T oils are formulated with Thermal Control System (TCS) to enhance the oil’s thermal and oxidation stability, which are critical for motorcycle engines due to their unique operational requirements. Meanwhile, Petron fuels deliver the TriAction Advantage, namely better ending protection for longer engine life; better mileage for longer drives; and better power.

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