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Perfect Catch For The Holy Week: The Seafood Symphony at Cucina

Seafood aficionados rejoice! All-day dining restaurant, Cucina showcases a bountiful catch from Philippine waters in its seafood station.
Brimming with ocean-to-table goodness, the spread has netted an indulgent and mouth-watering display of home-grown shellfish, Manila clams, elephant shells and mussels as well as succulent crustaceans, including blue crabs and prawns.
Manila Clams
Have them cooked your way—simply grilled, sautéed with garlic and butter, steam-poached, or baked with cheese. Enjoy this juiciness daily, either for lunch or  dinner.  Why not both even?
Blue Crab
Cucina offers a versatile dining experience, complemented by a well-curated range of international cuisines that boast interesting flavours and quality ingredients. Without peer introducing fresh insights to Metro Manila’s buffet scene, the restaurant’s talented kitchen team continue to satisfy the market’s cravings for new food adventures. This latest offering of a seafood symphony at Cucina honors that commitment.
Cucina is a refine and fashionable all-day restaurant located at the 24th Level, Marco Polo Ortigas Manila.

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