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Paying Bills Made Easy With Bayad Center Mobile App

How long have you’ve been waiting for the trusted neighborhood Bayad Center to get its own mobile app? We do. You see, Bayad Center is our go-to bills payment center (over-the-counter) whenever we failed short of paying bills online. Admit it. Sometimes you just can’t kicked-off the habit of paying over the counter even though you’re always met with long queues. Force of habit.
As much as we love paying otc, the new Bayad Center mobile app is a refreshing news and our payment habit might changed so soon as we’ve thought.
Bayad Center is the country’s premier payment solutions provider, with more than 12,000 payment locations nationwide. The launch of the new Bayad Center Mobile App is a continuing thrust to its customer touchpoints as they adapt tot he various paying habits of its customers. Bayad Center is determined to make bills payments even more convenient for every paying Filipino with its latest mobile app.
You can now download the new Bayad Center Mobile App on your mobile devices to get the latest features and services as your one-stop online shop for all bills payment. Bayad Center removes the need to fill out forms and mail bills on a monthly basis. It allows you to pay your bills anytime, anywhere, using your smartphones.


Bills Payment
Bill Reminder
Branch Locator

Coming Soon

Remittance/Money Transfer Services
Bills Payment Management
Crowd Sourcing Tools
The launch also coincided the unveiling of Bayad Center Mobile App’s brand ambassadors last march 13 at Ballroom B, Marco Polo Ortigas Manila. Influential motoring journalist, bloggger, and TV host James Deakin and actress-model Max Eigenmann are the faces of the new Bayad Center Mobile App and stars of the latest TVC campaign, “Judith.”

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