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Pasig City’s COMET, Bus Service, Bikes, and E-Scooters to Transport Essential Frontliners and Health Workers Under the Enhanced Community Quarantine Situation

Following DILG’s rejection of the recommendation of Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto on allowing tricycle units to deploy as transport for essential frontline government employees and health wotkers who are traveling in and out of Pasig City, the city, in partnership with Global Electric Transport (GET), will provide two COMET electric vehicles that will operate from 7AM to 10AM and 5PM to 9PM, with a designated route.

COMETs will proceed from Pasig City Hall to Sheridan, and will pass by Rizal Medical Center then back to Pasig proper, the main city hall, and Pinagbuhatan.

“Thanks to GET Philippines for sending us two 2nd generation Community Managed Electric Transport (Comet) units to provide free rides in Pasig for essential frontline government personnel and health workers,” said Pasig Transport Facebook Page upon the acceptance of the units to be deployed immediately.

Photo: Pasig Transport

Operations of the COMETs are from 7AM-10AM and 5PM-9PM.

Please refer to the route map below and to this link for the other routes:

This is an immediate action by the Pasig City LGU after DILG and IATF rejected its call to use tricycles. DILG explained that deploying tricycles are beyond the guidelines of the Enhanced Community Quarantine but they have allowed the e-trikes in Manila to transport its essential employees and workers.

The City of Manila has already deployed a network of 189 e-trikes for medical personnel.

“[The e-vehicle is] really helpful for the environment because as a zero-emission vehicle, it doesn’t release any of the harmful pollutants or greenhouse gases that a typical diesel engine would, such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, or particulate matter,” Kylie Tinga, sustainable transport specialist of GET, told SPIN Life.

The private company has offered a complete service team with drivers, free of charge, to Pasig City.

Following the social-distancing protocol, each ride can accommodate 10 passengers on board at any given time. (In non-emergency use, it has a maximum capacity of 20 seated and 10 standing passengers.)

Tinga explained that every shuttle is disinfected and properly sanitized: “After every ride, the vehicle is sterilized as per the standards of the Pasig City government, and the vehicle is not allowed to depart until it has been deemed appropriately sanitized. The driver and conductor of each trip keep a vigilant tally of the number of people on board at any given time, and the seats have been marked to indicate the appropriate distance passengers must keep from each other.”

Aside from COMET, Pasig City also deployed bus service to transport essential personnel, exempted during the period of community quarantine.

Here are the routes and schedules of the bus service:

  1. City Hall – Sheridan (8-12am, 1-4pm)
  2. City Hall – Santolan (B) (8-12am, 1-4pm)
  3. Lucky Gold – PCGH (6am and 5pm)
  4. City Hall – PCGH (6am and 5pm)
  5. City Hall – Santolan (A) (6-8am, 5-7pm)
  6. City Hall – Kalawaan (6-8am, 5-7pm)
  7. City Hall – Kenneth (6-8am, 5-7pm)
  8. City Hall – Rosario (6am and 5pm)
  9. Mega Market – Shaw (19 stops)

These routes will run as many times as possible througout the day. “We will try to operate even beyond the indicated times,” said the page of Pasig Transport.

“In compliance with the directive from Malacañang to observe social distancing, we are limiting passengers of the Pasig Bus Service to 25 persons per bus.”

This is being implemented to help contain the spread of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) that was dicovered late December 2019 in Wuhan, China.

Additional free bus service for essential staff are also deployed courtesy of @meralcoph’s eSakay:

  • Pasig Public Market to Shaw Boulevard
  • Lucky Gold to the Pasig City General Hospital (PCGH)
  • Pasig City Hall to the Pasig City General Hospital (PCGH)

Operating hours are from 5AM-9AM and 5PM-8PM.

Please refer to the route map below and to the following links for the other routes:

Photo: Pasig Transport

Pasig Transport also released the first batch of bikes to be used by frontline personnel – starting with medical staff from the Pasig City General Hospital and security personnel from BCEO.

Photo: Pasig Transport

“We are temporarily repurposing the Pasig Bike Share units to help essential frontline government personnel and health workers get to work,” Pasig Transport page added.

Electric kick scooters are welcome to use the bike lanes in Pasig City.

The bike lanes in Pasig City also enable electric kick scooter users to have a safe passageway.

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