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Parasite is a Reflection of Who We Are Not on Social Media

Parasite wins big at the Oscars tonight taking home Best Original Screenplay, Best International – Feature Film, Best Director, and the Best Picture trophy at the 2020 Academy Awards and this is what movie fans have all been waiting for.

Aside from the Oscars, Parasite alo won several awards including SAG for Best Performance by a cast; Best Foreign Film Language at the 77th Golden Globe Awards; and many more nominations and accolades.

This is not a surprise kase, shet! ang ganda ng movie na to. Parasite will take you to a rollercoaster of laughtrip (black humor) feel-good vibe to a sudden spiral twist of emotional drama of sadness and pity for all characters involved.

Yung feeling mo dito habang pinapanood mo akala mo okay ka lang, pinasakay ka masaya ka nanonood tapos sa bandang huli, yun pala sasaktan ka pagtapos.

Napakagaling ng sumulat at nag-direk ng pelikula nato pati mga artista mahuhusay!

Elib ako kay Kang-ho Song. Watch nyo ung The Drug King, galing din ng acting nya dun.”

I posted that on Facebook and I am still fascinated by the story, twists and turn of Parasite.

Parasite is an original movie telling of how people are intensified with the power of lust of pretending and becoming someone whom they are not.

The clamor to this film might be rooted with our own behavior on social media. How we perceived ourselves, how we feel and act online when IRL, it’s just a facade of illusions of what and who we really are in reality.

For sure, we rallied with the Kim family as they slowly crept inside the home of the Parks even if we already knew that they are scamming the wonderful family with their fake personalities.

We did not care if Ki-woo pretended to be an eligible English tutor or if Ki-jeong is a fraud of an art therapist. We welcomed them as the Park believed in their charades not knowing that there is a tragedy waiting to unfold that will cost their dear lives.

In the real world, some people flaunt their ways of living, their beautiful homes and the places they visited, and all the expensive gadgets, devices, cars, beauty products, etc. that they can share to the rest of the world via Instagram. But most of the times, none of these things truly represent the real person behind those most likeable photos on the internet.

Most of them are just ‘scripted scenes’ or ‘made-up’ situations to entice more likes and shares on the internet. Some influencers buy ‘fake followers’ to maintain their status quo.

In reality, they are just regular people – like the ordinary guy or girl that you see or meet across the streets every day.

Putting up a new identity on social media works with some people, but not everyone can live up with it.

We too, are living parasites.

(Photo credit: Parasite Facebook Movie Page)

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