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Oakley Hosts 6th Golf Cup In Lubao For Aspiring Junior Golfers League

International sports accessories brand Oakley proudly hosted the recent 6th Golf Cup at Pradera Verde in Lubao, Pampanga for the benefit of the young aspiring golfers of The Junior Golfers League (TJGL), the development league of the Junior Golf Foundation of the Philippines.
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With intense competition and weather condition, participants swung their golf clubs towards victory during the 18-hole system 36 game with divisions consisted of Men’s Division Classes A, B, and C; Women’s Division, as well as Boy’s Division and Girl’s Division for junior golfers.
In the Men’s Division Class A, Raymund Lacdao emerged as Champion with 71-04 = 67, Mike Besa winning 1st runner up with 75-06 = 69 and Allan Umali bagging the 2nd runner up, 82-13=69. Meanwhile in the Men’s Division Class B, James Roy Linao came out on top with a 97-25 = 72, followed by Marlon Dizon as 1st Runner Up, scoring 98-26 = 72 and Lorenzo dela Paz as 2nd Runner up with 95-22 = 73.
In the Men’s Division Class C, Eric dela Rosa championed other golfers with a score of 101-26 = 75, with Mathew Lean Mendoza coming in as 1st Runner Up scoring, 102-26= 76 and Mark Fowler as 2nd Runner up with 103-27=76.
In the Ladies’ Division, Vangie Omlang took home the Champion trophy scoring 89-17= 72, followed by Grace Montilla winning 1st and Cora Aguinaldo winning 2nd Runner up scoring 89-16 = 73 and 95-88 = 73 respectively.
The Junior Golfers also showcased their excellent skills during the 6th Oakley Golf Cup. Under Boys Division, Josh Jorge was named as Champion with a score of 68-02 = 66, while in the Girls Division, Mariel Tee came in first with 73-04 = 69.
Hosted by renowned multi-media motoring journalist James Deakin, the 6th Oakley Golf Cup played up more fun and exciting golfing experience with its theme “Rock n Roll Music + Golf” where thematic activities were set per hole for extra challenge among participants such as loud rock music, spotlight, sprinklers, and many more.
Oakley donated Php 100,000 to TJGL after the awarding of winners in commitment to their continued support for the young golfers of the country to help them grow their athletic skills.
“We’re grateful for Oakley because every year, they support and hold this charity event for TJGL. Out of this tournament, we are able to help kids who are financially incapable but talented,” said TJGL President Chonadela Paz. “We will utilize the money for partially funding the needed resources of the junior golfers to encourage them more in honing their skills.”
Chona also mentioned that this pledge by Oakley will help TJGL golfers Josh Jorge and Sean Granada who will soon represent the country to International Management Group Junior Golf 2018 in San Diego, California this July.
“It’s a good initiative for Oakley to help the young ones to enhance their talent and skills in golf. These kids represent our country and it’s good that Oakley was able to help and be a part of achieving their dreams especially in this sport (golf),” shared Oakley Marketing Head Louren Lacanlale.
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Oakley also invites all participants for this year’s Golf Cup and other enthusiasts to wear their commitment and love for the sport with pride as they continue promoting their #CantStop Campaign.
Oakley continuously innovate specific gears to help sports enthusiasts have better and improved performance, and offers opportunities such as the Oakley Golf Cup that allow individuals to sharpen up their athletic skills.
Ensuring an optimized gaming experience, Oakley highlights their PRIZM™ Lens Technology that features various lenses made for specific tasks- the Golf lens improves contrast for better separation of color and gives you more depth cues to gauge distance and grass conditions to predict ball speed. And for added comfort while hitting the golf course, Oakley releases new golf apparel to complete your golf game essential.

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