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Newest Lifestyle Food Hub Opens In Quezon City

Food wanderers and lovers will be delighted to know that a new lifestyle food hub has just opened at the heart of the entertainment capital, Quezon City. With a number of food choices, Elements Hall at Rallos is a lifestyle complex hosting a community of food and beverage lovers with exciting options for everyone in the bustling Scout area in Quezon City.
Within the roster includes classic Filipino delicacy hub like Bibi-Waf and Nina’s to Chinese, Peruvian, Western flavors and a lot more to choose from.


Chicken lovers will love the way Clucky’s gives a twist to the traditional fried chicken we all love. Clucky’s takes pride in serving customers with chicken taht is crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. They boast of wide selection of sauces for the chicken. And there’s also a variety of of side dishes to complement the chicken.
At Clucky’s, there is always something for everyone.

Gelato Lab

Perfect to beat the heat, Gelato Lab creates all-natural, high quality gelato without relying on artificial flavorings, dyes or ready-made mixes. Gelato Lab puts real fruits into the mixes and they even make their own nut pastes.
Gelato Has been in the food industry for quite sometime now and they’ve already landed a No, 2 spot in Ultimate Taste Test 2015 – an annual event organized by renowned food critic Anton Diaz – based on ratings from foodies and various food bloggers.

18 Days Coffee

18 Days Coffee is the right meet-up place, good for up to 60 pax, roasting on site / on demand. And they even encourage their customers to roast their own coffee.


Short for Bibingka-Waffle, Bibi-Waf sets the holiday mood on a daily basis, all-year round with the classic Pinoy favorite bibingka combined with American-style waffle flavor.
Bibi-Waf also offers Sweetie Bibi-Waf with Special Frostings, Bibi-Waf Sandwiches, and All-Day Breakfast Offers.

Mang Max Big Belly Lechon

Keto diet followers and pork lovers will love Mang Max Big Belly Lechon specialty lechon belly in regular or spicy flavors.
A staple food on special occasions, now you can enjoy this special lechon belly, anytime of the day.

Red Pineapple Restaurant

Red Pineapple is  a Chinese dim sum place that brings traditional Cantonese flavors into the Philippines.
Their dim sum are hand made with only the finest ingredients. Red Pineapple specialties range from siomai to taipao (extra large siopa0).

Twa Pak To

If you know what Twa Pak To, you’ll be laughing your way to this cozy Chinese restaurant. Translated to English word, twa pak to means ‘big tummy’ and this is aplay on words that the owners choose to represent their lively and fun approach to eating roasting delicacies, braised meats, and side dishes.
Twa Pak To also boast their delightful Halo-Halo and Leche Flan Shake under their dessert menu.


Fill up your pastry cravings with Nina’s specialties and sweet delicacies. Perfect for pasalubong or snacks, Nina’s delicious treats will always make you want to come back for more.


Peruvian dishes arrives here at Elements Hall with flavors that will pump up the palate. Try their Ceviche de pescado, a raw fish marinated in citrus juice spiced with red onio s and aji Amarillo (Peruvian yellow chiles).
Give in to Arroz con Mariscos, a Peruvian take on the Spanish Seafood paella – mixture of shrimps, mussels, and squids.

Cold Deli Beery

Time to unwind or when the clock strikes 5, Cold Deli Beery serves favorite beverages perfect for the late afternoon chill or after work relaxation.
For appetizers and pulutan, Cold Deli Beery includes BBQ, Liempo, and Isaw to partner your beer.
These are just some of the places you can find at Elements Hall at Rallos. You know where to go to on your next food crawl!

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