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Tips and lessons from Netflix’s Itaewon Class that can help grow your business

Last time, I told you why I love Itaewon Class based on its characters, production, and episodes. I didn’t tell you what Itaewon Class is really all about. But if you are planning on putting up a business and building your own company, Itaewon Class is your best guide this time.

In the past, there are movies that were made to encourage and motivate a person to become successful. You can think of The Pursuit of Happyness starring real-life father and son Will and Jaden Smith back in 2006.

And there are other inspirational movies like The Theory of Eveeything (2014), Life of Pi (2012), The Social Network (2010), The Wolf of Wall Street (2013), 3 Idiots (2009), Slumdog Millionaire (2008), Jerry Maguire (1996), and so on and so forth. More of these titles are also available on Netflix. The American docu Tiger King (2020) is also a good watch if you’ll just forget all the bad sides of the story.

If you’re a fan of K-dramas, you already know that there are tons of awespiring series that will help motivate you set up your dreams.

War of Money (2007) is about surviving from financial crisis and how to get out of it. The Baker King (2010) is a romantic drama that shows one person’s quest of chasing his dreams.

For this decade, Itaewon Class is the type of drama that will deliver motivational, inspiring, and encouraging messages that will help you chase and fulfill your dreams amid the revenge plot that fueled the passion of the main character Park Saeroyi to succeed.


Starting your own business

Much like in getting into a business or starting a corporation, there are many challenges and failures that one will face along the road that is shown in Itaewon Class. There are conflicts in the family, initial capitalization, marketing tools and strategies, location of business, competition, and brand building that matters and will break or make you as you go on building your dreams.

The good thing about Itaewon Class is, no matter what the circumstances are, Saeroyi is always determined and positive. He always finds solutions to existing problems and he always step up into the game.


Explore and don’t be afraid to fail

Sometimes pride gets his way but most of the times he is open to suggestions and new possibilities that might work or not. This is how a person who is starting up a business should always think. One must learn to explore new ideas even if it meant to fail. And the word “give up” must never be in your vocabulary no matter how many times you failed. You must believe in yourself and treat these failures as lessons that you can learn from.


Business is like family

Park Saeroyi also shows compassion and he treats his employees like family. If you want your business to be successful, be like Saeroyi. A business, brand, or company is all about people. Thus, you must treat your employees well and respected because they are the backbone of the business.


Do not give up

In running a business, you will encounter intimidation and competition. Saeroyi shows us how to handle them in a way that will make you feel inspired all the time. Another trait of Saeroyi which a person who:s going to start a business must emulate is confidence. Show your opponents that you’re unfazed from any intimidations from bullies and people outside your business. Don’t let bullying stop you from chasing your dreams. They are there to distract you. Be like a rock. Like a diamond that can’t be easily cut.


Always focus on reaching the end goals

Although Itaewon Class has a romantic angle in it, this K-drama series teaches us why romance shouldn’t get in the way in the pursuit of reaching one’s end goals. Saeroyi’s end goals are to bring Jangga Co. down and make Chairman Jang pay for his life miseries. Saeroyi holds his emotions from Soo-ah to focus on completing his revenge mission.

It’s kinda selfish, right? But it doesn’t mean that you must not fall in love while you chase your dreams but rather know where to focus your mind if you really want to succeed.


Embracing technology and social media

In this day of age, there are countless marketing tools and strategies that will help you build your business brand.

Don’t hesitate to use technology and the power of social media to boost and introduce your business to a wide market. Social media networks like Facebook and Instagram are proven to be great marketing tools in helping businesses reach more customers.

Create a Facebook Page and Instagram profile for your business to let everyone know that you exist. Online platforms like Twitter, TikTok, and your own company blog can also help boost your business sales.

And also don’t forget that there are bloggers and vloggers that can help your business reach to wider audience.


Hire employees based on talents and skills

Don’t be afraid to hire people beyond ethnicity, age, class, and gender sexuality. Everyone has his or her own strength and you should not look at a person’s age as your basis in hiring because he’s too young or too old. Sometimes, the least ones that you expect is the person that has unique and bright ideas that can contribute to the success of your company.


Be open to new ideas

Learn and be open to new ideas. Experiment on them. If a trend in new interior designs works for a business like yours, make that happen. If your business is all about food and drinks, try new dishes and concentrate on drinks that make customers return to your pub or restaurant.


Open business to investors and seek loans only when needed

If your brand is already well-established and popular, investments will pour in. This means you’re doing great. But there will be times that the economy is not good and it might affect your business. Don’t be afraid to ask loans from reputable financing firms or ask for investors to put more money in the business They can help in funding additional working capital for your business. It will also help you maintain financial matters of your business in place.

But of course, deal only with institutions that you trust and know very well.


Diversify your business

If you trust yourself that it’s ripe to open more branches, then go for it. Expand your business until your brand becomes number one.

Open the door to franchisees. You’re not only helping your business grow bigger but at the same time you’re creating business opportunities to other people who, like you, are also chasing their own dreams.

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