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NBI ‘arrested’ the man who goes by the name of ‘Francis Leo Marcos’ for violation of the Optometry Law

Remember when I wrote a blog about this man who goes by the name of Francis Leo Marcos? The man who started the #MayamanChallenge that went viral on the internet?

Today (May 19), this guy, who is also known as Norman Mangusin, was ‘arrested’ by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) and is now in their custody for questioning.

FLM aka Mangusin was ‘arrested’ by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) for alleged violations of the Optometry Law or RA 8050. 

The case was originally filed in Baguio City.

FLM’s fame grew rapidly on the internet when his #MayamanChallenge went viral and a lot of netizens responded to it – whether against it or in support to him.

His YouTube channel already has over 1M followers and subscribers. Aside from supporters, FLM gained a lot of criticisms and investigations from bashers who claimed that FLM or Norman is a ‘fake’ Marcos; a liar; and a scammer.

Ako, ang lagi ko lang naman tanong sa sarili ko, “Bakit ba palaging parehas mga suot niyang polo shirt?” 😁

In his defense, it was his own willingness to go to the NBI office to file a complaint on the grounds of fake accounts attributed to him.

He also explained the case filed against him in Baguio were in retaliation to his ‘Optimum Eye Care’ programs of his non-profit public service.

Watch the details on the videos below.

Let’s see where this ‘arrest’ will lead us to.

(Image photo from ABS-CBN News Facebook page)

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