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Why The Monark Next Generation Cat 320 Excavator Is Better Than Your Ex

Monark Equipment Corporation, the sole authorized dealer of Caterpillar Products in the Philippines, successfully launched its newest offering, The Next Generation Cat 320 Excavator last April 12 at Megatent Libis, Quezon City. And this beast – The Next Generation Cat 320 Excavator is better than your ex!



Highest Level Of Standard

The Cat 320 excavator boasts the industry’s highest level of standard in factory-equipped technology. The excavator promises to boost productivity, efficiency and safety. To prove this, Monark conducted a demonstration showcasing Cat 320’s features and innovative capabilities.

Can Stand On Its Own

Kicking off the product presentation, Cat 320 showcased its Cat 2D Grade with Assist feature. The presentation showed how the machine can offer high precision and automation in achieving target depth, slope and horizontal distance to grade, demonstrating how it can help operators to reach their desired grade quickly and efficiently without the need for stakes and job inspectors.


Another feature highlighted during the demo was its Cat Payload Technology where the machine displayed how it can deliver precise load targets and increased loading efficiency through its real-time on-board weighing feature. This feature also increases the operator’s efficiency and eliminates costly repairs or breakdown of dump trucks due to overloading.


Lastly, the Cat 320 exhibited its Cat E-fence Technology. It highlighted the accuracy of the machine by parking it between two cars, leaving the vehicles with nary a scratch. This underscored the feature that enables the machine to work safely under confined structures such as working in between building walls, under electric posts or even on highways near moving vehicles by preventing any part of the excavator from moving outside the operator’s defined working space.


“Given all these features, the Cat 320 is expected to be the next big thing for nation-building,” Monark Equipment Corporation President JR Banson said. “Companies in general construction, mining, quarrying and agriculture can now use the equipment and experience its unique features that were made to do work more efficiently and productively. We hope that this revolutionary equipment will positively impact their businesses and contribute greatly to the continuous growth of the Philippines.”

Attended by Monark’s partners and loyal clients from different industries, the said product launch also featured futuristic performances, Augmented Reality booths, panel discussion about nation-building and live product demonstration.

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