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Moms deserve more than just a day of celebration

As quarantine restrictions ease and Filipinos finally begin to leave their houses. We are reminded of the special occasions that we have missed which range from birthdays, holidays, and even Mother’s Day! As we gear up to live in the new normal, we are reminded that celebrations are still important for all of us even if how we celebrate is now vastly different.

This change is being felt more by our brave frontliners who continue to combat the virus day in and day out as they continue saving Filipino lives. One such Frontliner, Dr. Nicole Stephenson, an attending Physician for COVID-19 at the Premier Medical Center recently shared her thoughts on her mother as she was not able to spend Mother’s Day with her this year.

“It’s been a week since I last saw her, I miss our usual hang-outs, like shopping and girl talk while watching Tv,” Nicole explained.

“However, despite my busy schedule in the hospital, I still make sure to call her and check on her at the end of the day,” She added. It is her way of showing her love to her mom who has always been supportive of here. “I even remember when I was already in training as a doctor, she would still fetch me from the hospital every other day,” Nicole enthused.

When asked What her mother means to her and if she has a special message for her for Mother’s Day, Nicole heartwarmingly replied with “My Mama is heaven-sent. She taught me to be compassionate to the people around me. Now that I have grown up, I have taken the role to look after her, I even tell her to avoid going outside so often so she won’t catch the COVID-19 infection. Thank you, Mama, for the love and understanding you give me and my siblings every single day!” she concluded. 

Goldilocks honors the sacrifice of these brave Frontliners and hopes to help them celebrate Mother’s Day amidst the challenges they face every day. Goldilocks surprised Nicole’s mother with a cake to celebrate Mother’s Day. 

Goldilocks is celebrating mothers for the whole month of May because our moms deserve more than just a day of celebration for their love and care. With the desire to celebrate hardworking frontliners like Nicole Stephenson and her family, Goldilocks will be sending cakes to deserving families throughout the month.

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