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MMDA recommends ‘carpooling’ if you want to drive your cars on number coding days during GCQ

Effective June 1, and as soon as the general community quarantine takes effect, we will be expecting major roads and highways to take a heavy surge of motorists and vehicles carrying passengers who will be going to work in different places around Metro Manila.

The Metro Manila Development Authority will continue to monitor traffic violations and implement traffic rules for the safety of all motorists on the road. The United Vehicle Volume Reduction Program or UVVRP will take effect but there will be slight changes that will bring ease for some people going to their work places. But I’m not sure if this ‘modification’ will bring peace of mind to many of us.

UVVRP or the number coding scheme bans the use of vehicles on days based on the last digit of the plate number or conduction sticker from 7 AM to 8 PM.

For your reference, here are the plate numbers last digits that are not allowed during the specific days of the week:

  • 1-2: Mondays
  • 3-4: Tuesdays
  • 5-6: Wednesdays
  • 7-8: Thursdays
  • 9-0: Fridays

The guidelines of GCQ states it clear that public transport by land, sea, and air will be allowed to operate but only in their limited capacity.

Strict implementation of physical and safe distancing will be enforced to protect the safety of the passengers.

Travel or quarantine pass might be needed to present if a person is to go outside the boundary of LGUs jurisdiction. And a ‘modified’ vehicle number coding scheme will return on June 1, said the news advisory from the MMDA.

The travel authority pass is mandatory for those traveling to and from provinces.

MMDA Gen. Manager Jojo Garcia explained that the number coding scheme will continue this time of general community quarantine but there will be a modification to allow private vehicles, and their passengers to travel even on their coding days.

As long as they have passengers traveling with them, they are exempted from the ban. Garcia is encouraging car owners to carpool with their family, friends, or co-workers to help ease out the problems in commuting.

The limit on the number of passengers that can ride will depend on the type of vehicles.

Sedans and pickups can have up to 4 passengers while SUVs and AUVs are limited to 6. Vans can only ply the road with 7 passengers.

Public vehicles like UV express vans will be allowed as long as they have permits to travel and are given a green light by city health officials while buses can operate on a maximum of 50% passenger limit.

Provincial buses will be prohibited in Metro Manila starting this coming Monday.

Travel authority pass may be requested in your barangay and you will have to fill-up a form to validate your request to travel.

And yes, the driver and passengers must wear their face masks all the time! Wag pasaway!

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