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MMDA chief blames commuters for missing their rides

Acheche! Nyeks!

Wow, so 90s the react! Eh yan talaga ang naging reaction ko after I read the headlines. And I’m sure mapapaganyan din kayo.

Kaya etong Department of Transportation (DOTr) nasampolan ni mareng Nancy eh. Tapos, now these agencies are blaming the commuters for failing to get access to public transport? Sumbitch must remind them that they were the ones who allowed these people to go back to their work tapos, ngayon?

The chief of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) on Tuesday blamed commuters for the chaos on the roads on Monday, when the government loosened coronavirus restrictions in the metropolis to allow more movement and business reopenings to revive the economy.

MMDA General Manager Jose Arturo Garcia said the people “seemed to have lost focus” that the new coronavirus that causes the severe respiratory disease COVID-19 was still around and could spread wider with the easing of restrictions on public transportation.

But sir, did you forget na that you alllowed the return of the comeback of these people on the road again? You’re telling us now that because it was stated under general community quarantine guidelines, we must also take note that the threat of the virus is still there? Of course, the people knew that. But you’ve given them the go-signal, debah???

What was wrong here was the failure of these goverenment transportation agencies to act and prepare for this scenario. Three months had passed and by now, we expect that if ever things will go back to normal (but it will not going to be, IRL), there will be adequate public transport or alternative means that would help solve the bigger problem of transportation in the metro.

These people were not focused on traveling alone. Do you think, mamamasyal lang sila? Yes, it was overwhelming. But can you imagine after months of having no work, no pay, no income, this part of the workforce have to jump into the gun, ‘bahala na si Batman, tamaan man ng COVID-19 basta importante makabalik sa trabaho o hanapbuhay para may maipakain sa pamilya.’

That was their goal. And dun sila naka-focus

These people are going back to work and unfortunately many of them rely on public transportation systems.

Bikes? Eh nagalit pa nga si Pialago nung nag-effort etong isang bike group to help and assist in the bikers safety by placing markers on the road during rush hours. They took it away right after.

Motorcycles na bawal ang angkas? Pwedeng lumabas pero bawal ang angkas? But then recommending to be creative by installing a sidecar? Tricycle na yun ah? Di ba bawal yun sa EDSA?

See? There are no concrete solutions that are really adequate to accommodate these commuters.

Sabe nga ni Nancy, why don’t these guys from DOTr commute to their offices so that they would understand how difficilt it is for the common tao, who only got a budget for the day, inch his or her way just to get a ride to work.

We need more Nancys!

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